Senzani Brevetti, a highly experienced partner for packing flexible products

Versatile, reliable and intuitive: this is Senzani Brevetti’s machinery definition. The Italian company, leader in automatic packaging technologies, has produced and exported worldwide primary and secondary packaging solutions for more than 60 years. Today, we count over 1870 machines installed, many of them for important corporations.

Senzani Brevetti is a strong player in the packaging of flexible products with many enterprises and great brands have chosen their solutions over the years. Among the Italian manufacturer’s offer, the TP40 stands out for the variety of packaging it can handle (cartons, trays, sleeves) to pack products incoming at a speed of 400 pieces/minute. CP12_TL and CP25_TL are the ideal solution for the top-load case packing of bags, while the WA line, a range of monoblock wrap-around packers, meets the demands of customers preferring shelf-ready cartons.

Senzani knows very well the large-scale distribution needs and takes them into a great consideration. Aiming at satisfying each customer’s specific demand, Senzani offers highly flexible solutions, in terms of different packaging types (doypack, pillow, etc.), and secondary packaging configurations.

Senzani machinery is also compact, suitable for any production plant and user-friendly. Such intuitive technology has been one of the keys that opened the doors of new and emerging markets for the Italian company.

Another vital aspect is the complete and efficient After Sales service, providing specific training on the best use and management of the machines purchased. In fact, a punctual and ongoing training of the customer’s staff is crucial to have the best production performances and to make the operators more and more autonomous in the machinery usage.

Today Senzani is a real project consultant, siding the customer on all aspects since the initial technical analysis, from the choice of the packaging lines (packaging materials, pack type and design) to the management advices on the entire production site (logistics, supply chain management, etc.). Senzani is a highly experienced partner for new actors debuting on the market.

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