Pnd srl, the global market rewards high-quality specialisation

Specialisation, customer care, continuous innovation, custom technology and extensive knowledge of international markets are just some of the features that have enabled PND srl to be among the leading companies in the world in the construction and sale of machinery for the processing of fruit.

To this quality is added the conviction of having to insist on ever-increasing knowledge of the industry where we have gained such experience that we can be distinguished from our competitors throughout the world.

An awareness that allows us not to yield to the urging of some customers who would also like us to provide machinery for processing other products, such as vegetables.

We are proud of our strong identity, and we are not pursuing success in prize competitions or in frantic diversification. The only acknowledgments that gratify us are those from our customers, who choose our machines without focusing on the appearance or hearsay but on the substance of our solutions.

This success is easy to see in the numbers racked up by the strawberry destalking machine (Mod. DF12 – DF24). This machine, only 18 months after its launch, is already present with 35 units on four continents.

Companies based in the United States, Mexico, Spain, South Korea, Poland and Egypt have chosen the features of the PND strawberry destalking machine.

Indeed, this machine makes it possible to work with considerable volumes of fruit with great quality, reducing waste to a minimum.

Normal destalking machines usually create product waste of about 30%. With the PND destalking machine, however, this waste is reduced to only 10%. This means a large amount of product is recovered, especially if one takes into account the fact that the models built and marketed by PND can respectively process 300 fruits per minute (Mod. DF12) and 600 fruits per minute (Mod. DF24).

Another feature that makes the PND strawberry destalking machine a winner is its ability to work with all the various sizes of strawberry without needing to be pre-calibrated, as well as the removal of any type of stalk. These features make it particularly popular in Mexico or wherever it is necessary to switch quickly from the field to production.

Without the need to intervene in the settings, the PND strawberry destalking machine is capable of processing a wide range of product with a diameter ranging between 18 and 55 millimetres, a range that, in practice, includes all types of strawberries.

It is a truly global machine, as PND srl is also truly global, being based in Italy, but with representative offices located in several different countries.

A team consisting of 30 people, including administrative and sales staff, technicians and engineers, based at its headquarters in Scafati, in the province of Salerno, in the south of Italy, works alongside agents and technical offices all around the world.

Indeed the human element is one of the main resources of a company with mechanical and technical strengths such as these.

Despite the widespread presence of PND representatives on the various continents, when it comes to installing a new machine, there is always an expert who travels from the parent company and follows the process through to completion.

This assumption of responsibility is a guarantee for the customer, which knows from the very first moment that it is going to be accompanied constantly from the design phase to the commissioning of the system.

This constant attention to the needs of its customers is a winning strategy that allows continuous updating in the field and a swift response to customer needs means that customised production lines can be offered to them.

The opportunity to deal constantly with customers all around the world offers the technicians from PND the opportunity to tackle new challenges and properly understand the needs of their customers.

Those who choose one of the 15 semi-automatic, manual or automatic machines in the PND catalogue, are choosing a standard machine that can be tailored to their needs.

Thanks to the competence and availability of PND technicians it is possible to carry out mechanical adaptations to the machinery, tailoring the type of processing to their needs.

One example of the versatility of the machinery manufactured by PND is highlighted by the changes that have allowed us to adapt our apple peeling machine to the needs of South Korean companies engaged in the processing of nashi apple pears. This fruit has the consistency of a pear, the smooth shape of an apple and the diameter of a baby melon. This challenge was brilliantly resolved by PND.

Relying on PND means having personalised assistance anywhere with skilled technicians able to speak different languages ​​and enjoying the on-site support of offices in Europe, USA, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Peru, South Korea, Egypt, Tanzania, Australia, China, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Pears, apples, kiwi fruit, oranges, grapefruits, lemons, pineapple, lemons, mangoes, strawberries and peaches are the varieties of fruit handled, with all their possible variants, in order to meet the needs of companies engaged in the production of 4th Range fresh products, the canning industry (jam and canned peaches), and the dried and frozen sectors.

The food industry has always had a need for innovation and has different requirements and peculiarities depending on the different target markets.

For example, in the United States and Europe, the 4TH RANGE is one of the main production sectors, unlike in Turkey, where the main operations are focused on dehydrated or dried products.

PND’s main ability is always to provide successful solutions to make processing easy and economically advantageous, complementing the lines, for example, with a freezing tunnel or drying ovens.

Those wishing to learn more about the wide range of solutions offered by PND srl can do so easily on the website at where, besides being able to view the catalogue of machines and lines on offer, you can also see the full calendar of international trade events in which PND takes part with its own stand and make an appointment with the staff of the company, thus offering you the opportunity to receive the most suitable solution for your business.


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