Niagara, polyuretane machines production

Multiple stations rotary machine for the production of soles and wedges, footbeds and technical articles in polyurethane and cork. Compatible with polyurethane and other components.

Technical features:
The rotation of the machine is activated by an electric motor.
The feeding unit includes pumps charging from the drum.
300 kg tanks with minimum and maximum level.
Tilting mould-holders.
The mould heating system is regulated by temperature control units in pairs. The electrical panel is built according to the most recent international legislation and with CE approved materials. It allows the management of all the machine’s main functions in a simple and functional way thanks to the operator panel. Among its functions there are: the total and partial weight of the sole, the colour, the density, the partial and total production, the positioning of the injection onto each mould and other operations of automation.

The top machine is available in the following models:
24 stations – model TOP 2024
32 stations – model TOP 2032
40 stations – model TOP 2040
60 stations – model TOP 2060

Semi-automatic modular machine for the production of soles, sandals and footbeds in monochrome polyurethane. This machine can be provided with an extra feeding unit for changing the colour or density automatically. It is also possible to apply a feeding unit for colouring directly in the injector. The mould-holder can carry half pair or one pair of moulds.

Technical features:
The mould-holder is extremely versatile: it is tilting and has a 100mm vertical opening and closing system. The feeding unit is provided with pumps charging from the drum and with 300kg tanks with minimum and maximum levels. On demand, the FOX machine can also be supplied for the production in two colours and two densities.

The FOX machine is available in the following models:
6 stations – model FOX 1006
12 stations – model FOX 1012
18 stations – model FOX 1018
24 stations – model FOX 1024

NIAGARA reserves the right to make modifications at any moment without warning.


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