Sovimp srl: your reliable partner in agro-food projects

Since 1994, Sovimp Srl has been producing complete plants for the agro-food industry giving full technical assistance to its customers in all the construction phases of a whole factory in order to guarantee the quantity and quality of the end product: in this sense, on a case by case basis, it also supplies complete turn-key factory.

The know-how that Sovimp has developed during these years ranges from fruit to vegetables processing, to oilseed and edible oil processing, to sweeteners and

sugar production.

The areas where it works are the Middle East and most African Countries.

In particular, it has dedicated a lot of its work to the processing of dates, so that it is able now to give an overall answer to customers looking for setting up a modern and efficient date processing facility suitable for:

  • date treatment by vacuum fumigation chamber, date drying, date moistening, date ripening, date cleaning, date conditioning, date depitting, date chopping, date packing, …;
  • production of date paste and its derivatives, such as date filling premixes, date spreadable paste, date paste dice, date paste bars, fruit leather stripes, and filled cookies;
  • production of decolored-deionized date liquid sugar (patented), date juice concentrate and traditional date syrup, as well as flavoured date syrups; • fermented products such as date alcohol (neutral,medical, industrial, dehydrated), date vinegar, date sauces/salad dressings, ….

In addition to its specialities in date processing, Sovimp also continues in giving full solutions for processing of:

  • fruits, both Mediterranean and tropical, into juice, juice concentrates, jam, paste, fruit leather, natural and concentrated purée;
  • vegetables into purée, canned products, dried powders, in particular with significant expertise in cassava processing into high quality flour and derivatives;
  • oilseeds crushing by full pressing extraction for a wide range of seeds as well as the processing of edible oil;
  • production of sweeteners, both 100% fruit and from starchy raw materials, as well as construction of small crystal sugar production units;
  • valorisation of process by-product with the production of feed and integrators for animals.


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