Lavorwash: water & chemical saving professional cleaning

When it comes to food processing, no compromise are acceptable to achieve a reliable, safe and solid result. With our technology, we can help improving cleaning process reducing the usage of chemicals and resources, so you can focus on your core business without concerns.

The prevention of contamination is always the best practice, but there are process where the cleanliness is a continuous status to be restored every time before new cycle is starting again. For this though applications, even running 24/7, we have developed the Vesuvio steam generators.

The saturated steam is the cleaning means that without chemical it is the least invasive tool, yet effective, to remove soil on sensitive process. Water super-heated becomes steam that with temperature, shock is detaching dirty form surfaces and the very low humidity left is necessary to grab impurity and rinse it away. Despite being a portable unit with inbuilt water reservoir, Vesuvio is provided with direct water feed in order to run continuously without manual refill. Low voltage control make it easy to integrate the unit inside complex production lines, like bakery products, fruit and vegetable management, bottling and packaging.

The constant high steam pressure (10Bar) and temperature (180°C) together with large steam flow rate (26.5 Kg/h with the 18kW and 44,50 Kg/h with the 30kW, makes the cleaning task easy and effective. The full stainless steel construction and non-marking wheels, help keeping unit free from contamination. Steam can help also in surrounding areas or smaller process where less power is available: with the GV 8T Plus and GV 3,3M Plus the offer goes down to single-phase power requirement, still with whole stainless steel construction.

There is no need to stop the unit to refill, there is an automatic system feeding the boiler, so it is just a matter to refill a removable plastic tank to run the units continuously.

Even when some chemical is essential, we have developed a solution with the Etna Foam that using an existing air pressure source, it is spraying a very wide and soft foam covering the surface to clean, minimizing the dispersion of the chemical and covering also hard to reach areas or irregular items. When rinsing, the heat of the steam is making collapsing and disappearing quickly the foam and with the suction the machine can collect all the soil inside the tank keeping safe the environment. Inside kitchens, where space is limited, there is the GV Egon Vac that in a very compact yet mighty machine, resume the commercial continuous steam cleaning with vacuum and triple air filtration to stop even bad smell through exhaust air outlet.

To complete the job, use our mighty scrubber drier range to keep clean and dry in one passage flat floors around indoors areas.


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