Petroncini impianti, since 1919

Petroncini Impianti designs, manufactures and installs complete coffee processing plants, customizing them according to customers’ needs.
Indeed, Petroncini roasters are also suitable for peanuts, barley, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts and cocoa.
Petroncini technical know-how relies on values such as tradition and innovation, history and modernity. These values come together with cutting-edge technologies and allow to develop the best solution for each customer. This fully enhances the productivity, both for SMBs and for large companies, thanks to the wide range of products that are offered: Petroncini roasting plants provide roasters available to process from 4 kg per hour up to 3.000 kg per hour.
Thanks to the wide range of products and experience, Petroncini takes pride in being present in more than 80 countries.
To these days, more than 2,000 production units are installed all over the world. Every single time, Petroncini engineers and product managers have studied a customized solution in order to embody the product tradition of each country at its best, from the Asian roasting techniques to the American ones. This allowed them to be fully aware of which kind of roasting suits every brewing style. The longterm and reliable collaboration with Middle-Eastern customers has contributed
to improving all our equipment and machinery for Turkish coffee.

Ruggero Petroncini, a master craftsman with a strongly creative attitude, founded Officine Petroncini in Bologna in 1919. At first, Ruggero shared his dream of building a business with a fellow friend who had the same passion for coffee roasting. Unfortunately, the two were soon torn apart by different thoughts about roasting:
Ruggero fostered the convection roasting technique, which uses a hot air stream to transfer heat to the coffee beans. In his opinion, no other method could allow the coffee beans to release such intense aromas and flavours. Officine Petroncini has since developed and enhanced the technology connected to the convection roasting technique. Nowadays, our roasting machines still operate with the convection roasting technique, and Officine Petroncini has become one of the leading companies in the field of coffee processing.

The knowledge and the wide experience in the world of coffee roasting have allowed Petroncini to design, manufacture and install complete roasting plants able to satisfy all customers’ needs. In any case, Petroncini can guarantee the best
results in terms of consistency and replicability of aroma. The TT roaster models have traditional architecture with the heat generating units built into the machine body. This model is available for productions from 30 kg/cycle up to 400 Kg/cycle. These machines are particularly suitable for medium capacity production and can be equipped with different control systems and different type of roasting profile management.
With a more flexible configuration in terms of plant layout, TMR Modular roasters (with Air Recirculation) are for medium/high capacities. They are specially designed for industrial goods that require high profitability and processing repeatability during the various roasting work phases.
Whatever the type of aroma you like to reach, Petroncini roasters are able to ensure the maximum efficiency of green coffee, even for small productions. Indeed, the SPECIALTY ROASTERS are designed to be particulary suitable for small high
quality handcrafted productions and for gourmet markets. The research and development of new technologies have helped Petroncini to realize and refine versatile roasting systems that find application in the food and confectionery market too. This is the reason why Petroncini is able to realize roasting systems also for products with a high concentration of oily components, such as cocoa, barley, peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds, pistachios.

These machines are supported by an extensive range of equipment that is an integral part of the company plant system, as follows:
• green coffee reception, treatment and storage;
• coffee roasters fitted with heat recovery system, energy saving and emission treatment;
• roasted coffee storage and mixing;
• coffee grinders for every particle size;
• ground coffee storage and degassing with feeding system to the packaging machines;
• coffee handling and conveying systems either mechanically and pneumatically-driven for green coffee or low-speed suction systems for roasted coffee beans;
• electronic weighting systems, complete with integrated control for data processing;
• profile control systems that allow to obtain the desired aroma and guarantee unaltered constant quality and product repeatability;
• central electronics units to control the entire production process, from green coffee reception to its packaging, with special product traceability of the production lots (D-coffee).

Petroncini Impianti is renowned worldwide as the Coffee Technical Competence Centre: a facility with an in-house test lab, equipped with tools and pilot plants to be used for R&D activities, demos and product analysis. In this centre, customers can analyze and improve the quality of their product and its performance. It is also possible to carry out specific tests to evaluate a product before bringing it to the market.


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