Turnkey solutions for water and beverage plants of BBM

BBM SERVICE is an Italian company with a long-term and widely renowned experience in the beverage market, specialized in the supply of turn-key bottling lines for water and soft-drinks.

In a hardly competitive and fast running marketplace as the water and beverage sectors are, BBM make available its experience and know how useful to built solution for any special application, offering the maximum flexibility in terms of performance and costs.

BBM intends to be Partner able to offer a 360° support and a personalized service, custom tailor. Flexibility, quickness, constant presence are only some of strength points that Customers recognize us and therefore the reasons for which they continue to choose BBM since more than 10 years.

From preliminary analysis of the business opportunity, through possible solutions evaluations, up to the final supply: a unique contractor you can rely on for making the right choice for your business.

  1. The technical assistance

Strong of the competence in over than 20 years of sector experience and with a team of over 50 qualified engineers, BBM offers you a complete services range to support you during all the life cycle of the machines, working on several machine models of the main leading manufacturers.

  1. The excellence in used equipment

A wide range of selected machines completely overhauled, updated and offered at really competitive prices.
In our production plant of 7.500 m2 is possible to audit the available models, following the over hauling in each single phase up to the FAT with the Customer’s products.
A great opportunity that gives security for the right investment.

  1. The spare parts

Whether for scheduled maintenance or emergencies, BBM is a valid alternative for the spare parts supply thanks to the wide available items, to the quickness of delivery and to competitive prices.

  1. The much more

We offer our know how, our structure and a qualified team for highly specialized activities, with the goal to innovate, solve the problems and obtain a saving.
Our portfolio is composed by upgrade, revamping, update, change over to put on the models of the main leading manufacturers.

  1. The training

The proactive involvement of your staff is critical to the success of your business.
With the training on-site our engineers will share precious information to help your staff to operate on the machines on their own and to solve quickly, so the plant works at the maximum efficiency.

Give to BBM your goals, we will be glad to turn them in excellent certainties.


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