SMI solutions devoted to Industry 4.0: New EBS K ERGON

Gulfood Manufacturing 2017 trade fair is definitely one of the most important event of the year. It is not easy to summarize the objectives and results SMI has achieved over 30 years, because each year has been marked by the launch of an innovative product! Continuous innovation has always been the foundation of the corporate “mission”, allowing the company to design, build and offer technologically advanced machines and systems capable of easily and effectively adapting to the needs of an evolving market and to thousands of customers around the world. All of this has been possible, thanks to an entrepreneurial spirit, inspired by listening to and sharing the customer’s real needs, making SMI a company that is always in touch with the market and a trusted partner for leaders in the food & beverage, dairy product, and detergent industries. Today, more than ever, the SMI bottling and packaging machines are increasingly inspired by the principles of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT), creating completely automated and interconnected production systems.

Complete solutions for every bottling & packaging need

SMI designs and manufactures complete bottling & packaging systems, chiefly destined to the food & beverage industry, but also for the detergent, personal hygiene and chemical/ pharmaceutical product sectors.

The turn-key lines proposed by SMI are the ideal solution for output needs from 3,600 to 33,600 bottles per hour also requiring high efficiency, broad operating flexibility, low energy consumption and a good quality/price ratio.

The range of turnkey systems proposed by SMI includes cost-saving and compact lines as well as full optional and complex solutions, with a wide array of intermediate products that can satisfy customers’ current and future requirements in terms of output rate, product to be packaged, process automation and facility size.

New blow-molder EBS K ERGON: SMI solution devoted to Industry 4.0

At Interpack 2017 SMI exhibited the world premiere of the new compact blow-molder EBS K ERGON in ECOBLOC® version as well as an electronic volumetric filler. A new important step in the “new age of bottling” focused on Industry 4.0.

Based on the technical innovations of the stretch blow-molders of the EBS ERGON series (Electronic Blowing System), SMI engineers have developed a new series of very compact rotary machines, called EBS K ERGON (“K” refers to the German word “Kompakt”), suitable for outputs up to 8.800 bottles/hour. The new models, available in 2-, 3- and 4-cavity versions, offer all advantages of the rotary technology, with an output range traditionally controlled by linear blow-molders (from 3-4.000 to 8-9.000 bottles/hour); thanks to the state-of-the-art solutions, the EBS K ERGON series can produce PET containers up to 3 litres with a maximum output of 2200 bottles/hour per cavity for the 0,5-liter format.


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