Tropical Food Machinery: Kill two birds with one stone: to cut food waste an to cut unemployment


Beside profit, a powerful incentive for productivity is the sensible reduction of food waste and the respect for international laws and morality. This has been the path taken by the 1991-founded Italian company Tropical Food Machinery, specialized designing, building and selling high quality multi-fruit multi-capability complete manufacturing plants ranging from 200kgs to 20 hourly tons of fresh product.

Beside answering the call of juice and concentrate producers Tropical Food Machinery is focusing actively on training small growers worldwide to more complex activities. Trough commercialization of smaller productive lines, growers living in underdeveloped countries are stimulated to make good use of raw materials – benefitting from producing fruit conserve or juice and reduce food waste.

«We help farmers to get on their own feet, giving them the chance to start a production line with less imposing equipments, in order to be able to produce their natural juice locally», says Katia Cassol, Sales Director.

All with a smaller investment. The whole manufacturing line is in-house designed, constructed and tested before delivery: this verticalization of the productive process, while sparing expenses, ensures a flexible but polished final product and a dedicated post-sales follow-up, inclusive of technical and maintenance workshops on site with multi-level training and video assistance.

The company use proven extraction technologies that prevent fruit quality loss or alteration of its natural characteristics. It boosts a quality niche production aimed at constructing and delivering plants of lower productive rate to smaller farmers, growers and associations, enabling them to reach a wider and bigger market thanks to their renewed artisanal-quality professionally-made production of juice, conserves or canned fruit.

dual structure of the firm, with one factory in Busseto (Parma, Italy) and another one in Pouso Alegre (Minas Gerais, Brazil), is the main drive behind this worldwide strategy. The countries where Tropical Food Machinery is most active are located in Asia, India and Africa, Southern America and Mexico.
«Thanks to our direct knowledge of international products and our ability to adapt to the client’s request, we held a leading position for high-productive manufacturing plants» says Cassol.

Tropical Food Machinery offers a wide gamma of multi-fruit lines starting from scratch: pilot, mini and mobile plants of easy use and transport, and big capacity lines, fully automated and controlled by a remote Scada supervision system.

Production gamma includes:

  • a multi-fruit line with manual peel system and mechanical treatment of the fruit pulp to produce natural juice, conserves, canned fruit
  • an automated multi-fruit line to produce natural or concentrated aseptic juice filling presterilized bags ranging from 20 to 220 liters
  • specific lines for treatment of a singular kind of fruit such as bananas, pineapple, passion fruit and other varieties; reprocessing lines of different output range.




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