No Sugar? No Problem!

One of the largest and most open discussions surrounding the beverage industry in 2017, the Sugar Tax is becoming a major game changer in the world of Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSDs). Brands are feeling enormous pressure from consumers and government bodies to become more health conscious, resulting in a switch from traditional sugars to artificial sweeteners. A simple change in recipe is proving to be more problematic than anticipated, causing beverage companies to overcome challenges from bottling right up to consumer satisfaction.

A CSD is typically made up of syrup and carbonated water. During the bottling process, the combination of the two produces foam on the surface of the drink. The problem arises when the sugar is swapped out for substitutes such as aspartame, sucralose and stevia. These products are characteristically less soluble in carbonated liquid, thus resulting in a greater production of foam in the bottling process. Unfortunately, this has created havoc in the bottling industry as the over-production of foam is causing lines to slow down, ultimately reducing output and productivity.

Thankfully, a revolutionary product has entered the carbonated bottling industry, aimed at counteracting excess foam production in artificially sweetened CSDs. The product, named Sustain®, is designed to be used as a processing aid in the manufacturing of carbonated beverages. This unique, non-silicone derived processing aid has been developed to allow manufacturers and brands to increase profit through more efficient filling, whilst also optimizing the consumers’ overall product experience.

Jonathan Stott, business manager of Sustain®, said: “Sustain® allows drinks makers to maintain the taste and flavour of the drink while reducing the amount of excess foaming during the bottling process. As the demand for low-sugar drinks is on the rise, Sustain® can assist your brand in meeting consumer needs whilst maintaining line efficiency”.

Sustain® can help to increase filling speeds by up to 25%, leading to better and more consistent filling, increased productivity and fewer rejects. Jonathon explains: “Our customers have reported up to 50% faster start-up times. This can be accredited to the fact that the foam caused at filling is now under control”. Simply put, Sustain® can reduce brand costs in bottling of the drink and therefore increase profitability.

CSDs are well and truly entering into the realm of health consciousness, and brands are feeling the pressure to constantly reformulate and conform to regulatory as well as consumer demands. Sustain® therefore comes as a welcomed aid to the soft drink industry, giving CSD manufacturers some much needed good news.

Through its exclusive benefits, Sustain® can increase productivity and reduce production costs whilst enhancing consumer enjoyment, which cannot be achieved with any alternatives on the market.


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