IMA DAIRY & FOOD: Corazza packaging machines for dairy and convenience food

The non-pharmaceutical part of IMA Group, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for the packaging of tea, coffee, confectionery, food (dairy, convenience food and confectionery) and cosmetics & toiletries.
IMA’s core business in the dairy and food sector is managed by IMA DAIRY & FOOD. IMA DAIRY & FOOD is a world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for the packaging of countless dairy and food products. A high technological profile, the ability to offer tailor-made solutions to satisfy the most sophisticated requests and special attention to service are the pillars that support IMA DAIRY & FOOD’s lasting partnership with the industry’s leading brands.

Consisting of seven specialised companies (Benhil, Corazza, Erca, Fillshape, Hassia, Hamba and Gasti), all capable of rapidly meeting customer demands, IMA DAIRY & FOOD offers comprehensive, integrated and marketing-oriented solutions.
Corazza, with an installed base of more than 4,200 machines worldwide is the world’s leading name for dairy and convenience food packaging equipment, covering requirements that go from dosing to wrapping. A specialist for marketing-oriented technical solutions, Corazza is also renowned for prompt and reliable customer service. The machine portfolio also comprises secondary and end-of-line packaging solutions.
Today Corazza manufactures complete packaging lines for:
• Fresh, processed & cream cheese
• Butter
• Yeast
• Paste & pressed bouillon cube.

Customers can contact Corazza for a customized solution to any special or particular primary and/or secondary packaging requirement. A dedicated and highly specialized engineering team in our R&D department is at the disposal of our customers to evaluate and develop custom-built solutions from single unit applications to full “turn-key” solutions. The leadership of Corazza is focused on a wide range of equipment covering all market capacity requirements, marketing oriented technical solutions, prompt and reliable customer service to solve the problems linked to the whole machines life. Our team is available for all our customers helping them in improving their operational efficiency, acquiring and retaining market share, enhancing competitive advantage.

FOCUS ON FF4: Dosing & wrapping machine for processed cheese
Linear high-speed dosing & wrapping machine
Corazza introduces the latest development for the packing of processed, cream or fresh cheese. The Corazza FF4 provides you with the latest technology for your traditional products. The machine is designed for the packaging of triangular, square or rectangular portions. It has a filling system with formation of wrapping shells from reel-fed sealing aluminum foil and application of heat sealing alufoil lid inside the filled shell for subsequent portion closing and sealing.
Each wrapping includes an internal “consumer-friendly” easy opening tear strip and an external paper brand label. The portions are finally gathered in the required bundle configuration and carried onto the outfeed conveyor. A perfect line combined with a cartoning machine: Corazza offers the possibility to combine the FF4 machine with a cartoning machine. There are different models available which change according to the product shape: triangular, square or rectangular.


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