Comac, kegging & bottling plant

At Drinktec 2017, Comac, world-leader company in the production of kegging, bottling and canning plants, will display at its stand Hall B4, Booth 306 four new machines.

For three of them, the occasion will be a worldwide premiere: the Monoblock 32/20/6 for glass bottles, the Monoblock 28/4 for cans and the Microleaks detection system.

Moreover, the Monoblock 14/2 for cans will also be introduced.

Monoblock 32/20/6 for glass bottles and 28/4 for cans are the first ones of the new Comac full electronic monoblock family, at the top of the production range.

Monoblock 32/20/6 for glass is equipped with electronic filling valves, while monoblock 28/4 for cans is equipped with electronic and volumetric filling valves. Both types of valves guarantee the best performance in terms of filling speed, level and quality parameters (oxygen pick up as first).

In the monoblock 32/20/6, the filling level in bottles is determined by means of an electronic probe and this is an important innovation because the probe is movable inside the valve – The probe is inserted in the bottle just during filling, in this way, if the bottle explodes during pressurization, the probe will not be damaged.

Both types of valves do not require a bottle lifting cylinder, thus substantially reducing the complexity and cost of the systems.

The brand new monoblocks have some features in common:
– They are totally “gear free”, both for rotation and height adjustment: everything is moved by means of servo motors electronically synchronized.

– The motors include a lot of interesting features such as electronic clutches (based on the torque real time measuring), safe limited speed in jog mode, safe “freeze” position for the starwheels changeover etc.

– The electric consumption is reduced by over 50% compared to traditional monoblocks.

As far as the 28/4 monoblock is concerned, the seamer is set in a complete new “totally open” version, which simplifies the cleaning procedures while electronically synchronized with the filler as well.

The monoblock 14/2 for cans is part of the Comac electro-pneumatic monoblock family and is equipped with the latest generation of the electro-pneumatic filling valves. These valves guarantee a fast, smooth filling with high accuracy in the final level, with a reduced consumption of CO2.

The filling valves are compact and light, driven by a dedicated PLC and the customer can easily create and save dedicated recipes for his products, without limits for the filling cycles.
These valves guarantee a fast, smooth filling with high accuracy in the final level and a reduced consumption of CO2.
The filling carousel height adjustment is automatic – It goes directly to the desired height and stops in position automatically.

The seamer, even if it is a small unit, is equipped with all the devices of the big machines such as the bubble breaker and the CO2 injection starwheel.

The monoblock is executed in “plug&play” version, meaning it is delivered ready to be connected to the customer utilities and started, so it’s the perfect solution for craft breweries, because of its small dimensions and high production output.

The Brand new Comac micro-leakage detection machine has been conceived to detect any micro-leakage of CO2 from a pressurized keg. At present, the technologies that are implemented allow to detect CO2 leakages via viewing systems or systems that monitor the differential pressure.

The patented technology COMAC has introduced, in cooperation with FT System company, offers higher precision and sensitivity compared to the means previously described. Moreover, the machine is capable to handle all types of kegs, in stainless steel or plastic, with all fittings.

With its modular architecture, the machine can be supplied and/or embedded in a pre-existing line. In both cases, the machine is equipped with its own PLC and a system for data, statistics and trend management, easily accessible by the final customer. As for all COMAC machines, this as well can be provided with remote assistance.

Comac team will be pleased to welcome all visitors of Drinktec fair, keeping in mind the key concepts of its long experience: Total Quality and Customer Satisfaction.


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