Research & Development and green approach are the keys for the future

Rotas Italia (Rotas Group), founded in 1967 by Francesco Celante, has become a reference point in Italy in the manufacturing of adhesive labels for wine and spirits and other industries thanks to significant investments and a big “green” passion.
Rotas Italia, as a pioneer and an innovator in its field, has assembled by itself its first printing machine for self-adhesive materials in reel and is able to offer to its customers the experience of 50 years of activity always aiming to exceed expectations. Investments in highly skilled human resources and in Research & Development has made possible the creation of an experts team which constantly studies new solutions in order to better represent the emotions that the label wants to transmit and to bring to life the passion of the winemakers.
The respect of environment has always been a Rotas’ priority and since more than 40 years, even before pollution prevention laws were introduced, Francesco Celante has adopted eco-friendly measures to follow his ethical beliefs.

The sustainable approach of the Rotas Group has led to produce a 99% harmless waste, to use more than 95% of FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper to print labels, to sanitise the water in big tanks and in the end to recycle even the cleaning rags.
Ecology reaches the company’s activity at any level, wine labels included: solutions as the eco-friendly Biolabel, the Etna’s lava label or the red-wine-printed label are perfect examples of internationally recognised labels.
“We live and work in Treviso, inside an unique natural environment. The company – the founder speaks – borders a branch of the Botteniga (river) which then flows into the Sile, both are wellhead rivers. Here we are building a 2-hectares green area where our collaborators will have the chance to rest inside the nature and where we would like to realise a Museum of Bridges, which is an allegorical image of the union between people and cultures. The transformation of a wonderful natural space for us is a social duty. Our collaborators need to grow in a positive environment” Francesco Celante highlights. He’s also a promoter of many social initiatives linked to the territory.

Rotas Italia numbers
50 years in business – 1967 – 2017
3 factories: Treviso, Barcelona, Prato
20.000 m² headquarter
Staff of over 130 people, 60% of which is less than 40 years old
3 main business markets: enology, manufacturing and RFID
6 elements to work with material, surface, ink, adhesive, liner and RFID
1 ethic certification
1 social balance
14 international prizes and recognitions during the last 3 years
Research & Development in Rotas Italia
2 highly specialised R&Ds (15 engineers – 4 graduated with honors)
6 registered patents: the first one in 1980 for 3D design and later Rotas Vision, Business Card Machine, Bike label, iLabel Music, Code Scheme
Production machines developed and built by Rotas specialists
State-of-art printing machines
First in the world to realise independently a RFID tag on metal (2007)

Collaborations with Rotas Italia
MIUR – CNR – ENEA – Confindustria
Italian Universities: Ca’ Foscari (Venice), University of Genova, University of Trento, IUAV Venice
International Universities: Clemson University and Boston MIT (USA), University of Sophia and Kejo (Japan), University of Jerusalem (Israel)
Winner of 2 MIUR (Ministry of Research) Clusters: ITS Italia 2020 and CLARA
Members of Fabbrica Intelligente.


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