Our sleeves can be printed in more and even metallised colours

Shrink Sleeves
After an extended period of preparation11 the recent addition of a new printing machine has allowed us to start production of shrink sleeves.

Our sleeves (produced in PET, PVC or PLA) can be printed in more and even metallised colours, in order to effectively previde new look and design to ali your products. An important characteristic is fhe option of providing every sleeve with a “teor off’’ system, essentiallor easy opening after purchase.

After over thirty years of constant endeavouwhich have allowed the company to introduce new production, operational, management and organisational processes for its quality system, Orograf is a well-known name in the sticky label sector. Orograf has received ISO 9002 certification, maintaining the utmost versatility throughout ali the processing stages, from label graphics to in-house system production, a competitive advantage for its customers, who see complete process management, from the design stage to production, as the best guarantee of maximum quality.
Orograf is an all-round partnewith the expertise to meet your every requirement.

Our typographical, silk-screen, offset and hot printing systems cillow us to print on any type of adhesive materia! such as stnped, embossed, metallic and synthetic film.
Our particolar strength is our capacity to combine different P,rinting systems on a single production line (high-resolution typographical printin9, offset, high defìnition flexo prmting, silk-screen prmting and hot printing with embossing) and this means lhat there need oe no limits to your creativity. We are equipped with ali the sticl<y label printing technologies known on the market. But for us, qualiiY, is more than just supplying the customer with a label printed in different colours.
Quality means paying attention to detail and coming up wifh a guaranteea product that also guarantees your image.
A quality, label not only speaks volumes about your corporate image.
Our rotary machines print up to six colours contemporaneously, UV varnish type of paper or synthetic film, and have extremely high output rates. This allows us lo offer you an excenent price-quality



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