The ideal model for professionals of the craft beer sector

The Flex-Bräu Brewhouse with 3, 4 or 5 tuns (for single/double batch or continuous brewing batches) is the ideal model for professionals of the craft beer sector and can be designed according to the customer’s production needs.

Manufactured in AISI 304/316 stainless steel with high-quality materials, this  brewhouse uses a system designed for the production of any types of beer with densities  even higher than 20°P. The customized software makes it possible to choose between various degrees of automation, from the grinding of the malt to the entire production process, up to the fermentation / maturation cellar.

User-friendly and simple to operate, the Flex-Bräu Brewhouse guarantees high energy savings and requires limited maintenance. The wort recirculation process inside the wall under the level of the liquid and the transfers from below that limit the possibility of oxidation of the wort, together with the lautering performed in a independent tun, guarantee the high efficiency of this Brewhouse.

This year at Drinktec, we will present a new Brewhouse mod. Flex-Bräu 20 hl 4 vessels, automatic management.


  • Grinding, premixing and hydration of the malt at the mash tun inlet;
  • Completely automatic filtration with pressure sensors;
  • One stage cooling with high thermal efficiency;
  • Sanification and cleaning system integrated in the software;
  • Remote assistance;
  • Weekly brew production and wort distribution program management;
  • Recipes and plant parameters management;
  • Production report extrapolation and production history filing;
  • Process water integration;
  • Setup for inclusion of the hop-back;
  • Energy-saving system with boiling fumes condenser and cooling water recovery;
  • Rake to cut spent grain with blades for its extraction with adjustable height and
  • Spent grain discharge


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