Canning & Bottling for Microbreweries & Craft Brewers

Canning & Bottling for Microbreweries & Craft Brewers from one machine…

Our machines offer the only option to fill and cap both bottles and cans with a single machine – all made possible with the appropriate optional attachments.

We supply 2 valve, 4 valve & 6 valve versions with or without rinser, and with a single or twin head crowner or single or twin head seamer.

Designed to package carbonated products such as beer, cider and carbonated soft drinks in glass bottles, PET bottles & aluminium cans. 3 phases of packaging are performed on a single steel base, on lockable wheels, making the unit mobile.. Rinsing, counter-pressure filling, capping and/or seaming.

The new aluminium can filling and seaming option is available as a retrofit to all our existing counter pressure filling machines by adding a stand-alone seamer (single head or twin head) and adding the change parts for the filling valves and can holding plates.

Automation at up to 1,000 bottles per hour with the Economical 551 Machine

Our versatile 551 EPV Microblock is an automatic Rinser Filler and Crowner, which is in use across the world.

One of the most important factors that helped these companies choose our bottling technology is our ‘Y’! The innovative ‘Y’ shaped layout of our conveyors designs feeding in and out of the 551 EPV Microblock allowing for inline labelling, bottle feeding and unloading all to be undertaken by a single operator, allowing production of carbonated products at up to 1,000 bottles per hour, based on a 330ml bottle size.


Win with our exciting #FillingSystems Social Media Competition!

“Exhibitions are about making new connections and putting faces to names, as much as about seeing new equipment and innovations.” says Marco Solferini, Sales Director at IC Filling Systems.

“So as well as showcasing our products designed for microbreweries in Munich this September, we’re livening things up for our visitors with a competition to win a €50 Amazon Voucher for the best video or photograph of our stand shared on social media. We’re working to develop our online social footprint, not just sharing information about our products, but also sharing useful industry stories, while not forgetting to have a bit of fun.”

To enter the competition, just take a photo or video of our stand (C2-107 in the SIMEI section), and share with the hashtag #FillingSystems on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. A winner will be drawn on the 15th of September 2017, and the voucher will be emailed to the lucky winner.




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