Tecninox di A.Namaziano s.r.l.: Machines for the food and beverage industry

Tecninox di A.Namaziano s.r.l. has been building machines for the food and beverage industry, as well as the pasteuriser for beer, and is willing to examine any customer’s enquiry and request of supply.

Tecninox di A.Namaziano s.r.l. plants and pasteurisers for beer are built according to the latest manufacturing technologies and are used for the beer heating processing and the pasteurisation lines in full bottles or cans. The strength of Tecninox di A.Namaziano s.r.l. is in heat treatment.

Tecninox di A.Namaziano s.r.l. builds single machines and complete lines. The Tecninox di A.Namaziano s.r.l. machines are built entirely of stainless steel and are made to the customers’ requirements. At the basis of the Tecninox di A.Namaziano s.r.l. work is the great production flexibility, combined with a high degree of professionalism in order to offer the most advanced technology in realising pasteurisers for beer..
Information: main production range:
Machines for food and beverage industry. Additional production range:

– Machineries for tomato processing;

– machines for fruit processing;

– machines for jam processing;

– machine to process vegetables, mushrooms, vegetables with oil or vinegar pickle;

– pasteurisers for beer cooling tunnels for any type of container and product;

– pasteurisers tunnel coolers for beer and beverage;

– static sterilizers for any type of container and product;

– batch evaporators;

– cooking vessels;

– autoclaves; cutters;

– cooker for snails and other food products, autoclaves, linear filling stations, linear filling stations by water rain, circular and volumetric fillers;

– Electrical and gas roasters for vegetables;

– Steamy and electrical concentration boule;

– Oil immersion deep fryers;

– Bratt pans.


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