TMG IMPIANTI, packing and palletizing solutions

Established in the 1976, TMG has been successful on several global markets, thanks to a continuous research and a professional experience that allowed to gain a qualified technological know-how, to apply in the end of line systems all over the world. The direct contact with the customer is a chance of constant innovation of our packing machineries range, resulting progressively suitable for any needs and different applications. The products range comprises carton erector, carton packer, carton sealer, palettisers, depalettisers and robot. These machines are often combined together to supply complete turnkey solutions of automated packing systems end-of-line.

In the latest years, TMG has realized many palletizing and packaging systems of different products, especially in Beverage sector, in which it has satisfied many international customer’s needs.

Nowadays TMG produces around 200 palletisers per year and has installed almost 7000 palletising systems all over the world since 40 years.

Production range: Palletisers – Carton erectors – Case Packers and unpackers – Tape and Glue sealers – Robots – Stretch wrappers – Conveyors and transports – Pallet handling systems.

Market sectors: TMG Impianti is specialized in handling bottles and containers, both glass and plastic (like PVC and PET) for the food sector, beverage (wine, juices, beer etc.), chemical and home and care industry (shampoo, detergents, washing powders) and special applications like mineral oil and edible oil. Another important industry where TMG Impianti is present is the “big bags and sacks”. The company is one of European leading company in the sacks – big bags palletisation with several applications around the world in this industry.


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