Our pans & non-stick coatings, around the world

Turbel Company has been in the business of manufacturing industrial baking pans and applying industrial coatings (non-stick Teflon and Silicone) for the past 25 years. It is the first Licensed Industrial Applicator of Dupont in Turkey and won the fastest-growing coater award in year 2009 from Dupont.

Currently, it has four plants in Turkey. Three factories are working for the top-quality non-stick coating appliances and one factory is producing trays with its high-tech equipment and technical team. After being very successful in Europe from Turkey, the management decided to open a place in Germany in order to be at close proximity to its biggest customers and serve faster for their needs. In May 2015, first foreign investment of Turbel; a coating factory, is opened in Wassenberg – GERMANY. With its best location, Turbel serves very quickly to its customers in Netherlands, Belgium, UK and France in addition to Germany. It also became entitled to receive a government grant from NRW Bank for its direct investment in the region.

With more than 25 years experience in this field Turbel is the market leader in Turkey and one of the biggest players all around the world. Turbel supplies special coating systems – developed in their own laboratory – as well as baking pans and trays of own construction, selling worldwide to more than 46 countries. It has its own tooling department to meet with customers’ exact needs, upon their production lines.

Turbel is mainly serving for the largest cake and bread line producers all around the world. In addition, it has many reputable customers in industrial cake and bread production business.

Due to its experience in the sector, Turbel can respond immediately to the individual demands and push on innovations. It can provide tailor-made solutions for your unique working environment and keep track of the products for further development. Turbel gives highest priority to after sales services because they aim for the happiest and the most satisfied customers with their products in terms of; quality, delivery time and price.

We will be pleased to show you our quality and performance with your own samples so please contact..


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