Made in Italy high tech and design

High quality raw materials and cutting-edge fabrication for manway doors and manhole doors, taking care of every detail. Design flexibility in order to provide the right solution every time.

Zorzini S.p.A. has 60 years experience in stainless steel fabrication, and makes manway doors and manhole doors of all shapes and sizes.

Every detail of these high-tech products is carefully thought out and developed throughout every phase of production, in our factory in Lauzacco, just a few kilometres from Udine (Italy). This allows constant control of the entire production cycle, which translates into a high quality product. Security and reliability ensure that our clients receive the right answer to all their storage and manufacturing needs in widely ranging sectors: food, wine, dairy, food preserving, beer, and fruit juice, as well as the chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial, anti-pollution, and plant industries.

Today, a good percentage of Zorzini’s products, which are known and appreciated around the world, is earmarked for export to Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania.

The development of advanced technical solutions and innovative designs, backed up by constant investments, is entrusted to a team of brilliant technicians. This sector, with its sophisticated three-dimensional design software for simulations, comes up with new products that meet all the client’s specific needs, while always maintaining the reliability and security of manway doors and manhole doors that bear the Zorzini logo.

In making its products, Zorzini only uses high quality raw materials sources from the finest steel mills in Europe – cold rolled plating for making manhole doors and covers for manway doors, hot rolled, stabilised and pickled plating for doorframes.

Our production line is made up of cutting-edge plants, from powerful 350 and 650 tons hydraulic presses for initial machining of the steel plating, to robotised welding systems and a latest generation, electric ultrasound polishing plant.

Even the finest details are dealt with applying absolute precision: from the absence of sharp edges to welds that conform to ASME parameters, to polishing to provide everything from mirror to rough finishes, and through to the specific gaskets for each model, available in various materials, without welds.

All products are marked with an identity code that allows recognition for them at any time, covering the entire production cycle as well as traceability of the raw material used.

The company enjoys a leadership position in the market, with 8,000 square metres under cover, high-tech plants, highly professional personnel and strict quality control. These checks are always done using pressures that exceed those encountered in operating situations.

Short lead-times, a well instructed sales team and an efficient after-sales service complete what we have to offer.

The Zorzini Company has acquired important international process and product certifications, such as: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, TUV and PED.

Zorzini is a company that applies sustainability and social responsibility to its actions, in relation to people, the environment and the territory.

Training and valorisation of human resources, reducing wastage in terms of materials and energy resources, investment in technology, and research and development are its primary objectives.

All of this goes to make up the Zorzini guarantee.


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