dSPACE by DEMO: “the new way of PET containers” at Drinktec 2017!

Market needs and habits change quickly and often do not give the time to players to respond consistently to customers’ requests or to anticipate responses to their needs.

dSPACE DEMO Design Development Digital Platform,

“The new way of PET containers”

dSPACE is DEMO’s response to a deep change in the way of developing a new container.

dSPACE is the only space where any new bottle project has a solution. Easy, quickly, intuitively and digitally.

Do you have a good bottle idea, but difficult to industrialize and manufacture?

dSPACE is the place where the best design and industrial skills are combined to deliver the best container with an industrial approach and a watchful eye on productive efficiency.

Are you in a hurry and need a new bottle in a very short time?

dSPACE offers you many proposals, ready-to-use.

Would you like to be your Bottle Designer?

dSPACE helps you make it possible.

Do you need to define the brief of your new bottle before proceeding with the design project?

dSPACE helps you and drive you in the draft.

Do you need fast and competent answers for the development of a full project?

dSPACE is simplification and personal interaction. You will be accompanied step by step to find a solution quickly and in a customized and interactive way.

dSPACE is the place to share thoughts and information, be creative and stay productive, share project roadmap and activities, get the solution online.

Your team and dSPACE team will be one and decisions can be taken faster.

Founded in 2005, DEMO Design and Moulds is now one of the main suppliers of PET Packaging solutions on an international level. Offering clients a service at 360°, from bottle design to PET container projects, from the evaluation of the new bottle on existing lines to neck conversions, from blow mould manufacture to the installation and production start-up at the client’s plant.

DEMO Design and Moulds’ philosophy unites passion, efficiency, innovation and the importance of people and relationships. This allows us to give each and every project an original and personal touch, in harmony with the client’s expectations.



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