New beer filling line in Mainz

A new brewery for Mainz. The boys from Kuehn Kunz Rosen have realised their dream and recently started brewing “craft beer” for Mainz. The project has been accompanied by ourselves, the Clemens company, from Wittlich, among others. We have supplied a GAI MLE 881 filling machine for beer, a GAI 5106 exterior bottle washing machine and an Enos Speedy labelling machine.

The filling line is an 8-position high-pressure filler for beer with an 8-position rinser and a single-position crown corker from the company GAI.  The pressure filler is equipped with electropneumatic filling pipes, which have already been patented and marketed in 2013 and have a capacity of up to 1,500 bottles/h in 0.33l beer bottles.

The exterior bottle washing machine is also from GAI in Italy. The system consists of a bottle washing station, a bottle drying station and an anti-fogging device and has a capacity of around 2,500 bottles/h.

The anti-fogging device ensures that, with a temperature of 3 – 4°C, the bottles remain free of condensation for labelling.

The labelling machine is an Enos Speedy. The machine consists of a station for the body label, a station for the back label and a station for the L-security tag.

Depending on the equipment, this system has a capacity of up to 2,500 bottles/h.

The complete line was built and put into operation by some of our technicians.

If this type of filling line is of interest to you, we have a high level of expertise in machine and beverage technology which we would like to share with you.

You can find Clemens and our partners at DRINK TEC in Munich (11-15 September 2017) at the following stands:

APE:                     C2.21

GAI:                      B3.524

ENOS:                  C3.109

GAI:                     C3.301

VALENTIN:            C2.227


We look forward to seeing you there!



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