Materials and solutions are supplied with reference to each area of interest

CRM was founded in 1985 and started manufacturing equipment for automatic labelling machines for the companies of the field. Today, this is a one-of-a-kind business in the packaging sector, occupying a 3500m3 building, with more than 35 workers.

Crm Engineering directs its offer to both constructors and users of machines of different areas. Materials and solutions are supplied with reference to each area of interest.

The main products and services are the following:

  • Equipment for change of format

Supplying equipment for change of format for a complete line is unquestionably one of the most successful services the company offers its customers.

CRM Engineering can offer an all-round service inclusive of change of format for bottling lines in order to handle containers; starting from rinsing machines right through labelling machines (cold glue and hot-melt), the company guarantees quality and inexpensive costs. CRM Engineering is today an ideal partner to any company in the food, beverage, detergents, pharmaceutical sector, and more who require equipment for change of format.

By accurate analysis on new container samples and records on new equipment used, CRM Engineering can produce a brand new one of equal quality and performance for the whole line (from the filler to the labeler) and for the whole container handling (screws, stars, drives, plates, etc.).

The company can produce any kind of components, both plastic and metal, to select, rotate, tilt, line up and group bottles of any shape and size. Screws, stars, counter-stars, heads, plates, glue rolls, are just some but few products that CRM Engineering can produce for you.

  • Hot melt – cold glue equipment components

The area where the company has been founded is one of the most competitive in labelling machines’ sector. CRM specializes in production of components for cold glue and hot melt labelling machines, automatic only. Its staff, specializing in CAD 3D/CAM design and CNC3-4-5 axes, can produce in home any kind of product at an absolutely competitive price in comparison with the market average.

  • Feedscrews

Over the years, the company has specialized in design and production of screws, useful to meet customers’ requirements, such as: divide, unite, select and rotate any kind of product of any size and shape (bottles, phials, bricks or tanks).

Screws are useful to divert the course of products in the lines, handle packing, create double packs outgoing the screw by rotation or separation, thus directing the product upon customer’s specific requirements.

As regards the material used in screw production, CRM can process both plastic and complex materials such as stainless steel. CRM production is not limited by the materials to be used, for it can produce a wide range of spirals for screws that feature thickness, diameter, length, size and different material upon request.

  • Twists

The company has recently extended its production also to ancillary products for bottling lines, such as: Tilters and Twists. These items can be applied to the line so as to overturn products such as jars and cans that need marking on the bottom or inspection. Thanks to new technologies, CRM Engineering can get a twist in one single product.

These pieces of equipment enable easy and quick inspection and marking, can be easily applied to belts and grant remarkable dependability in time.

  • Complex operations with 5-axle machines for the packaging sector

CRM specializes in the manufacture of polymers such as Polyethylene of various densities and colors, Polypropylene PP, Acetal POM, PA6G cast Nylon 6, PA6G+MOS – MOS + cast Nylon, PET-Arnite, PVC-Polyvinyl Chloride etc.

The company is ISO 9001 certified. The ISO 9001 Quality Management System is the world’s most popular quality improvement standard. This certification demonstrates the business’ ability to constantly meet and exceed customer expectations, minimizing risks, wastes and errors, saving money and time, increasing productivity and competitiveness.


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