Innovative and high-efficiency control solutions for refrigeration and air-conditioning

CAREL is a world-leading multinational specialising in innovative and high-efficiency control solutions for refrigeration and air-conditioning.

At Euroshop 2017, CAREL presented for the first time ever a new solution for controlling and managing beverage coolers: Heez.

Heez guarantees energy efficiency and refrigeration performance that is currently unrivalled, while at the same time providing advanced connectivity, both to smartphones in the field and to the cloud.

Using Heez to develop beverage coolers thus brings benefits for manufacturers, service companies and even the beverage companies themselves.

Efficiency and connectivity

The Heez solution stands out for its very high energy efficiency: the main objective is to maximise energy savings and minimise running costs, without however compromising on performance. Indeed, this solution uses a DC rotary inverter compressor with modulating operation to vary cooling capacity based on real-time requirements: maximum efficiency, guaranteeing energy savings of 50% when compared to conventional solutions. The use of natural refrigerants moreover makes the CAREL proposal fully green, which together with reduced energy consumption ensures the overall environmental sustainability of the system.

The rotary DC inverter compressor is a fundamental and innovative component of the Heez proposal and has been exclusively designed based on CAREL specifications by world class compressor manufacturer Qingan, affiliated to AVIC (Aviation Industry Corporation of China) and located in Xi’an Hi-tech Development zone.

Heez also features extended connectivity options, enabling data acquisition and analysis for enhanced management and operation of beverage coolers.

IoT and data analytics make it possible to both adopt digital marketing strategies and improve service, for example by implementing preventive management actions.

Cold beverages, low noise and compact dimensions

The DC inverter technology CAREL has adopted on Heez ensures beverage cooler temperature pull-down times that are drastically lower than the market norm, guaranteeing the best conditions for selling the beverages.

Another key factor in the solution is low noise: CAREL’s innovations significantly lower refrigerant circuit noise while attaining higher performance thanks to rotary technology. The drinks are cool and well preserved, and the beverage cooler works silently.

Finally, the solution’s compact dimensions mean more room is available for sale. The technological heart of the beverage cooler’s refrigeration system can be housed in a smaller space, thus increasing the available area for displaying the beverages.


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