CRAFT BEER ITALY 2017: Leading speakers in the conference programme

CRAFT BEER ITALY, the new event dedicated to craft beer organized by NürnbergMesse  Italia,  has   at  its  core  the   conference.   Professional education and training courses will indeed be the key elements of this two- day event at the Talent Garden Milano Calabiana on 22nd – 23rd November.

Unlike many other Italian events, conceived as festivals, CRAFT BEER ITALY attracts visitors that range from start-ups to established breweries, from homebrewers and beer sommeliers to HoReCa and distributors, who will attend the presentations held by many Italian and international experts, brought together for the very first time.

The conference is carried out under the competent supervision of Doemens and VLB Berlin, two research institutes which promote high-level professional education in the brewing industry. Besides, major Italian and international key accounts will illustrate innovations and trends in the craft brewing industry. The conference programme is being continuously  updated and is available on the official website of CRAFT BEER ITALY.

With four months to go before the event, many international speakers have already confirmed  their  participation.  A  very  interesting  subject  for  all  breweries  is  raw materials, which is actually the real foundation to brew craft beer with unique properties. Several sessions of the conference at CRAFT BEER ITALY will deal in detail with all aspects of raw materials thanks to the speeches delivered by Weyermann, Hopsteiner, HVG, Hopfen-Kontor, Lallemand and Fermentis.

All ingredients are to be masterfully mixed using the right plants. That’s why visitors can’t miss the speech by CFT at the session on brew rooms and the speech by Pentair on the role of beer membrane filtration in the craft brewing process. The challenge of craft brewing is to infuse uniqueness and quality to every glass of beer: at the sessions on quality assurance we will therefore also deal with the microbiological monitoring in craft breweries with the intervention of the German company Döhler. The association of Italian metal packaging companies ANFIMA will take the floor on the session concerning another important topic, namely filling. CRAFT BEER ITALY will also provide attendees with practical information for starting up a new business with useful tips and recommendations by Doppio Malto Brewing Company. Thanks to Doemens and VLB Berlin, the HoReCa and distribution companies will learn how to taste, analyse and pour a  beer,  obviously  in  VDGLASS  glasses,  specifically  conceived  to  enhance  craft  beer properties.

The Italian association Unionbirrai, which has signed a cooperation agreement with NürnbergMesse Italia, will lead to the discovery of the Italian craft beer world in an international background and will bring together start-ups and established breweries with the aim of sharing successful experiences. A competent Unionbirrai Beer Taster will then let participants taste special Italian craft beers at the “Taste It! Area – non la solita birra” (no ordinary beer)

But at CRAFT BEER ITALY it isn’t all about theory: in addition to the several seminars CRAFT BEER ITALY will host an exhibition, where all participants can see first-hand raw materials, technologies and marketing solutions, fitting for craft beer. The list of all exhibitors is available on the official website.

Even if the conference programme is still being developed but it already proofs that CRAFT  BEER  ITALY  is  a MUST,  not only  because the  industry  is  booming, but  also because it provides present and future breweries with the know-how they need to continue their history of success.

The Ticketshop will be soon available on the official website of CRAFT BEER ITALY.

For further information, please contact: NürnbergMesse Italia Srl

Tel: 02.28510106


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