Cadalpe: the warranty of a trade mark well known in the world

Cadalpe Srl is one of the longest-running and most important companies in the world, with more than 40 years of long experience and competence in the manufacture of beverage systems and equipment, with customers all over the world.

The constant vocation to the improvement and the continuous research of technological innovation that has progressively shifted to its production have brought Cadalpe to be a leader in the national and international landscape in the systems and equipment for vinification, distillation, beer and beverage sectors.

The company, which has its headquarters and establishments in Vazzola, in the province of Treviso, Italy has contributed to the evolution and development of the sectors where it operates, with the continuous improvement of its performance adding exclusive internationally patented features and achieving new original solutions that offer significant advantages of efficiency with low consumption: results also obtained through constant dialogue and active interaction with customer requests.

Cadalpe’s production is characterized by state-of-the-art technologies, offering systems with innovative and high-tech solutions. A high degree of specialization in stainless steel machining guarantees an excellent finish and an impeccable aesthetic presentation. Cadalpe meets its costumers’ requirements, providing an integral work cycle: from raw materials, to assembly and finally testing machines.

This results in good performance, durability, longevity and minimal maintenance.

The technical and practical knowledge of the process allows Cadalpe to understand or perhaps better interpret clients’ requests even when they are not always easily achievable. We are also among the first companies to offer integration with Industry 4.0, a very interesting opportunity for those who want to buy a new plant.

Cadalpe is at work all over the world with the 70% export of its production and after-sales service allows to solve any problem promptly. Cadalpe machines reach every country that grow grapes and produces wine, as well as beer, distillate and beverages in general.

Since the Company is fully aware of environmental problems, it prefers to address its production to more evolved, non polluting, efficacious and user-friendly solutions such as:

Crossflow Filtration

CrossfolwFilters C41, one of the most reliable and qualified products on the market today. It is available in automatic and semi-automatic models, equipped with hollow fiber polymeric membranes with asymmetric hydrofile structure highly resistant to chemical agents and heat, which makes it perfect for wine and beverages in general filtration. In addition to offering many possibilities of applications it also assures high respect of the structural and organoleptic characteristics of products, which can be ever higher than traditional techniques. Not only does the system help to avoid any leakage of product but it also enables eliminating all polluting wates without any filtration agents.


The Vacuum Desulphurizing Equipment C37 gathers technical solutions all addressed to reach the best results in order to eliminate the sulphur dioxide in musts, to avoid polluting discharge waters, to reduce power consumptions and the preservation of physical-chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the product. This system, that is the result of Cadalpe experience in the desulphuration sector, makes use of a stripping column composed by plates equipped with special valves, an evaporator with descending film for the production of stripping steam, a patented device that, during steam phase, directly fixes the sulphur dioxide that has already been submitted to the vacuum stripping process, turning it in calcium bisulphite.

Continuous Tartaric Stabilization

The Continuous Tartaric Stabilization plants C 30 and C36 represent the latest generation line for the stabilization of wines & vermouth.

Cadalpe production for continuous tartaric stabilization consists of the most advanced plants, fruit of high-level technique and already well-known in the market..

Those plants are based on the “with contact” method: a stop at low temperature, with crystal charge of 4 g/l at least, in a high-power enucleation crystallizer. Computerized control unit processes and stores parameters and process measures, displays graphics of product flows, freezing circuit situation of alarms and TCC. The system can also be networked as to share info and can be transmit to remote PC ( Industry 4.0).If we have to analyse only the running costs of the various systems and products for wine tartaric stabilization, we could certainly say that the Cadalpe system has broadly proved to run a definitely more cost-effective management with energy saving, in addition to guaranteeing correct effectiveness of all the process stages, thanks to a micro-processor control system, and certification of the stability level reached during the stabilization process.

Compared to the traditional method and other technologies, it offers a number of interesting advantages, including total guarantee on the result, high thermal recovery (up to 95%), 24 – hour continuity without the presence of the operator, Investment and management costs are particularly beneficial.

Distillation Plants

Particularly with regard to distillation, Cadalpe with its distillation plants C7 and C27 put itself alongside producers in the distillation sector to design and manufacture plants for the production of high quality distillates, such as fermented grapes and fermented fruits, brandy, grappa, typical of Origin areas and grape varieties from which the grapes derive, guaranteeing the consistency of the product, with the same quality and type of raw material used. More and more, customers require distillates not only lacking in visual defects but, above all, with characteristics of olfactory finesse and softness in taste, so as to create the overall taste-olfactory harmony that can only qualify the product.

Micro Brewery

In the field of the Brew sector, in addition to the basic philosophy, Cadalpe with its C49 and C49M is committed to the search for plant innovations that help the brew Master’s daily work and allow him to develop his creativity. An in-depth knowledge of the process and the continuous dialogue with the breweries has allowed us to make concrete and useful changes for everyday use.

Cadalpe’s production includes:

Cross-flow filters,
Kieselguhr filters with horizontal plates,
Sheet filters with 40×40 cm plates,
Single-chamber rotary vacuum filters,
Heat exchangers of tubular nest type, or with scraped body Helicoid one-tube,
Cooling units for water or glycol solution,
Cooling units with scraped bodies evaporator,
Plate heat exchangers,
Portable sulphur-dioxide dosers,
Discontinuous and Continuous Flotation units for musts cleaning with or without adding chemical products,
Continuous tartaric stabilization plants,
Resin Stabilization System,
Dissolving mixing units for sugar, clarifiers, additives,
Grape pomace continuous dealcoholizers,
Columns for continuous distillation with production of brandy, grappa or fruit distillates,
Discontinuous distillation plants,
Vacuum concentrators with one, two or more stages,
Heat pump concentrators,
Pressure tanks for sparkling wines,
Stainless steel tanks and fermenters,
Brewery equipments,

For more info about Cadalpe, you are welcome to visit the website

CADALPE S.r.l. – 31028 Vazzola (TV) Italy – Via Cesare Battisti 87 Tel: +39 / 0438 441570 – E-mail:


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