Specialists in polymeric films for flexible packaging

Since already 3 generations Termoplast has been producing Technical polyolefinic films for FLEXIBLE PACKAGING, developed for lamination process, mainly aimed at the food, medical and industrial applications.

Being a pioneer in the manufacturing films sector, Termoplast has started already 50 years ago developing and customizing films according with the customer needs; being focused only in the blown film coextrusion technology, nowadays has reached a solid and defined level of expertise; we are able to combine a huge mix of resins suggesting the customers with the best tailor-made solution for its need.

The strategy adopted by the Barnini family has been “answering and anticipating the market’s requests”, being always concentrated on the  product innovation with an endless attention to an internal quality system BRC-IOP and ISO certified since already many years.

These goals can be reached by cultivating skills and adopting a policy of targeted investments in research and application of new technologies. This line fits with our corporate identity highlighting the main features: high specialization, flexibility and orientation to technological development.

Thanks to this determination, Termoplast has been able to enlarge its product portfolio at high levels on the European market with a huge number of products for lamination; standard and special SEALABLE films, all kind of PEELABLE films, standard and special O2 and H2O barrier, increased puncture resistance structures, high transparency films and RECLOSABLE films against PE/PP/APET. All these products are obtained using a wide range of PE, PP, PA, EVOH, PET, TIE LAYERS, AF, Ionomers and many others, in several combinations between each other, in order to can offer always the suitable solution for every kind of application like TOP LIDDING, BAGS, STAND-UP-POUCHES, BAG in BOX, PET FOOD and many others.

With a nowadays capacity of 25.000 tons sold all over and outside Europe and new extrusion lines coming, Termoplast can be able to serve Converters and not only, from the smallest to the biggest company with on-time deliveries and immediate full technical/commercial advices. Thank also to its fully equipped laboratory and a skilled staff working in, can provide full chemical and mechanical analysis on film samples.

A family-run company like ours, profoundly linked to its community, believes and invests in the development of human resources and the surrounding territory. We focus on young people because we believe in the growth capacity and potentiality of new generations: there are many graduated young figures with us, accurately selected to cover the most strategic roles for the company progress. We do believe in people, much more than machinery, on which we invested a lot as well during the recent years, training them deeply, making them feel integral part of the company growth; people do MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.


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