Flexibility in bulk aseptic packaging

The use of bulk aseptic packaging in the fruit processing industry is extremely popular. It can be used for puree, NFC juice, concentrates, particulates (dices, cells, pulp) etc and allows long shelf life and considerable decrease in the problems of disposal of traditional packaging methods.

Taking into consideration the considerable capital cost investment of an “aseptic bulk packaging line” including a sterilizer and a filler it is important that the choice of the characteristics of the equipment be carefully selected in order to match with present (and also future) applications. Some of the points to be taken into consideration are:


  • Quantity to be processed
  • Type of product to be sterilized and its (their) organolectic characteristics (viscosity, thermosensitivity, presence of fibers /particulates etc).


  • Quantity to be packed
  • Type of aseptic bag/container and relevant size
  • Characteristics of the product and presence, if any, of fibers and particulates (in this case max size needed)

The sterilizer is chosen on the basis of the above considerations and can be of different models, including:

  • Plate type (standard or widegap to allow the use with fiber)
  • Tube in tube (standard or for high pressures)
  • Multitubular
  • Scraped surface
  • Batch type for special applications (like fruit preparation for yoghurt)

Similarly the filler can be chosen according to the criteria indicated above and can be of different models including:

  • 1 head filler, complete with aseptic tank
  • 2 heads filler
  • 1 / 2 heads filler for the filling of 1000 kg bags or 4 drums on a pallet

All fillers can be equipped to fill small bags in box and can be equipped with aseptic heads for 1 or 2 inches depending upon the size of particulates that can be present in the product.

Flexibility is also required for the sterilization method that is usually steam but complemented by disinfectant (Hydrogen peroxide solution) depending on pH of the product to be filled.

Bertuzzi Food Processing, a leading Italian Company operates since 1936 in the design and construction of machinery and plants for the processing of fruits and vegetables. Bertuzzi produces ALL types of sterilizers and all types of fillers indicated above and is therefore in the best position to suggest to the customer the system that better fits and its present and future needs.



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