Bruni Glass, leading supplier of premium and specialty glass packaging

Bruni Glass is a leading supplier of premium and specialty glass packaging for the spirits, wine, food, and gourmet markets. We are headquartered in the north of Italy, have locations in Europe and North America and serve customers all around the world. In 2016 Bruni Glass joined with Berlin Packaging, which supplies glass, plastic, and metal packaging and components, and is the largest and top-performing company of its kind in North America.

Bruni Glass has 40+ years’ experience, a world-class design studio, a network of high-quality manufacturers, and a team dedicated to thrilling service. Bruni offers more than 3,000 custom-designed products along with popular standard items.

Your product, our shape 

The range of our specialty glass containers is currently divided into four market segments: food containers, containers for gourmet products (oil, vinegar and similar), bottles for spirits, bottles for wine. There are 550 shapes that are eventually divided into different combinations of capacities, mouths, and other design elements thus creating a range of over 3,000 items. The range offered by Bruni is not limited to glass containers; it also includes different closing systems with natural or synthetic corks or other plastic, wood or glass systems. In relation to jars, Bruni can supply different closures in materials that can withstand special heat treatments (pasteurization and sterilization) for food preservation. Some of our containers, although they were not conceived for the cosmetic market, have eventually been selected as packaging for bath salts, fragrance diffusers, liquid soaps and creams.

We help you find your style 

An exclusive and well recognizable customized design of a container is an added value for a brand. We design custom shapes for our customers and we regularly expand our line of available designs to help them stand out. This is possible thanks to our Innovation Center.

Innovation Center is composed by a team of Bruni Glass technicians with strong project, graphic and creative skills. We propose to our customers a full service, from the first sketch to the final prototype, thanks to the know-how which was developed by longtime cooperation with glass factories and the adoption of advanced technological instruments. The creative process starts from shape, then customization continues with decoration. The Bruni Glass Innovation Center specialists are available to give customers their advice regarding the multiple possible decorations of a bottle or a jar – from embossing/engraving to color and label – with the objective to achieve the best results.

Bruni Glass Design Award: 20 years of success 

Bruni created the Bruni Glass Design Award to drive innovation in the design of glass bottles and jars and launch the young designers. The contest, which occurs every two years, is a partnership between Bruni and top European design schools.

Bruni Glass Design Award is a biennial design workshop-contest for the creation of new glass containers for the food industry (bottles and containers with the mechanical hollow glass technology) addressed to students of some European design schools. The contest lasts for 8 months and is divided into three main sessions in which projects are submitted and modified until they reach the final model. Going through a very demanding selection activity the 20 finalist projects are submitted to the public’s judgment by presenting single plexiglass models during important exhibitions. The award ceremony takes place during a gala event where all finalists are celebrated and the winners get the money prizes established by the contest announcement. The 14th Edition of the contest will be presented this year at SIMEI@drinktec exhibition in Munich and the projects will be seen and voted by hundreds of wine and beverage industry professionals. You are welcome to Hall C2 Stand C209, Bruni Glass, to vote for your preferred project.


Bruni Glass Design Award turns dreams and aspirations of young designers into a real work opportunity.

Many projects submitted during the last 12 Editions have been launched on the market, thus becoming distinctive elements for some brands in the food industry. The authors of these projects are assigned not only the prizes according to the public’s judgment but also variable remuneration for 10 years based on the product impact on the market. All projects are registered and covered by patent by Bruni Glass.


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