Label your world, label your life

The agri-food industry is always looking for flexible solutions enabling the custom packaging and the customization of the relevant info applied to the package – that can be easily managed only through the application of self-adhesive labels. LABELX® labellers are the ideal solutions for flow-pack, vertical and shrink label film packaging lines. LABELX® is a high-performance labelling unit, which can be available with a wide range of accessories, that can be installed onto any automatic packaging line. It is available with a max. label width of 140 mm – 250 mm – 350 mm and its advanced electronic system guarantees high speed and high precision applications. All the operating functions can be easily managed thanks to the Touch Screen operator panel. With the thermal transfer printing unit, LABELX® becomes a high-performance print&apply system that can be used for high production of single or multiple packages and can be provided with non-stop function as well as control over label application, correct readability and conformity of barcodes. LABELX® is also available in a RM version with motorized re-winder, suitable for high speed application – it can reach an application speed of 80 m/min. This model is equipped with a 400 mm diameter mechanical unwinder. LABELX® JR, an automatic labeller for medium and low speed application, completes the LABELPACK offer. LABELX® e LABELX® JR are the main core of both the MODULAR and COMPACT labelling systems, which LABELPACK developed in order to meet the requirements of the most important industrial sectors. COMPACT labelling systems are the “entry level” series produced by LABELPACK. This range of automatic labelling systems includes 8 standard models and several customised solutions. They are equipped with LABELX® JR labellers, which operate with a maximum label width of 140/250mm. COMPACT-WA and COMPACT-WX versions are the ideal solution for cylindrical bottles and for small and medium productions, offering low-cost automated labellers. The system’s structure has a stainless steel tube frame equipped with the labelling unit, the conveyor belt and a wrap-around device, which allows the label application around bottles. The labelling system can be completed with a range of accessories and options such as: printing units for overprinting information on the label, sensors for transparent labels, loading and collecting rotating tables. The MODULAR systems are built on an “open frame” made in stainless steel featuring several automatic labelling systems for top and bottom applications. The system works with an electronic control with PLC and Touch Screen operator panel; electronic synchronization of the speeds and fast regulation with numerical indicator facilitate the change of format and the following repositioning to previous position. The MODULAR systems can be equipped with many conveyor systems built upon size, weight and shape of the container to label. The conveying systems are placed on a balcony structure making them easy to clean and avoiding spillage onto remote parts of the machine that can be difficult to reach and clean.


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