Turn-key and high-tech solutions for the confectionery sector

GORRERI COMPANY, that in 2017 celebrates its 30 years of activity in the sector of Confectionery Processing Industry, is one of the most important European player in the food Processing Technology Sector.

Since 1987 GORRERI engineers and realizes a wide range of high tech products. Starting from where it all begins, the company is widely known for the production of different solutions of mixing equipment both in continuous and in batch, complete Sponge Cake Production Lines, Automatic or Semi-Automatic Lines For The Production Of Cupcakes And Similar Products, Automatic Lines For The Production Of Multi-Layer And Celebration Cakes and Automatic Lines For The Production Of Short Crust Based Cakes.

As well as fully automatic lines for large productions, which are chosen by the major and most important groups of the confectionery sector all over the word (its References List is really impressive!), GORRERI offers a wide and complete range of high tech solutions for the most different realities.

With PLANETMIXER and TURBOMIXER technologies, GORRERI holds a great market segment of mixing systems, considering that each GMG, GTM, PCG and UNPL SERIES is studied and optimized to obtain the perfect dough and batter of every confectionary product, even Gluten Free. As a matter of fact, PLANETMIXER SERIES, made of 6 different capability mixing-in-batch machines, is perfect for every kind of dough, sweet or salted, starting from creams to gluten free doughs, while TURBOMIXER SERIES, thanks to patented VERTIMIX TECHNOLOGY, is the perfect solution for all those kind of batters that need to be quickly and perfectly mixed and homogenized, like Sponge Cake, Creams, Mousse, Meringue, Butter Cream as well as products that no mixing industrial system is currently able to achieve, such as Angel-Cake, Lady Finger, Italian Savoiardo and Chiffon Cake.

The high technology that characterizes GORRERI machineries is not restricted to the awesome complete atomized lines for great productions, in fact the Company produces also smart but “cutting edge” solutions technologically suitable for small and medium pastry laboratories, studied to optimize and increase the production process without compromise the uniqueness of the final product like Single Depositors, Compact Lines For Layer Cakes and Single Ultrasonic Cutting Machines. It was the desire to help growing and expanding small pastry laboratories, that pushed the R&D sector of GORRERI to ideate flexible and indispensable solutions like the many version of DVG 500, MULTIMATIC 300 and GCS300 MULTICUT, able, also thanks to a quick return on investment, to optimize and automate the production process of rising confectionery manufacturers.

GORRERI’s inspiration is always and only customers need. This is the reason why GORRERI Technologies guarantee a perfect product full of commercial value. But starting from now and thanks an exclusive innovation, this perfect product will be also unique and inimitable. The Company has recently introduced an incredible and innovative technology on the market that will change forever the characteristics of confectionary as known. Innovative Printing, Writing and Decoration Systems which allow to personalize and finally make every product unique with Images, Logos, Written And Much More. The new portfolio, conceived and designed by Gorreri for bakery and confectionery world, and also for a wider range of food production, has all the characteristics to revolutionize forever the concept of aesthetic of the industrial production. Innovative and fast printing systems, in color or b/w, which allow to personalize Snacks, Sponge Cakes, Macarons, Cream Or Whipped Cream Coated Cakes, Buns, Cookies Or Slices Toasted with texts, pictures or logos, with the use of Certificated And Customizable Alimentary Inks. Robotic technologies that are able to transfer on these products drawings and texts even manually drawn from touch screen and PC.

But GORRERI range does not end there! Dosing and Filling Units, Ultrasonic cutters, Chocolate substitute enrobing and decoration lines, Transfer Pumps, semi-automatic lines for a wide number of confectionery products, customized solutions for every different need, consultancy service, after sale support.

GORRERI is a great and complete high-tech word where the customer finally finds competence, reliability and passion for quality. Have more info at www.gorreri.com


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