FBF Italia’s machines are suitable to process a lot of products

FBF Italia, established in 1987, is one of the leading manufacturers of homogenizers, high-pressure displacement pumps and laboratory homogenizers. Thanks to its wide expertise in this industry, the company is now a key point-of-reference for plant manufacturers, suppliers and end-users in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. On-going innovation, exacting development of special materials, strict quality controls and endurance tests allow FBF ITALIA to guarantee maximum performance durability, reliability and safety. The mission of FBF ITALIA is to offer to all customers not only an excellent sale service, but also to continue this relationship with constant and direct post-sale technical assistance. The company aims to build a friendly relationship with its customers, based on mutual evolution and innovation. The machines produced by FBF Italia are suitable for processing many products and can be installed in processing and production plants, both with a sanitary or aseptic designs.

Here’s a list of fields of application where FBF Italia machines can be used:

  • dairy industry (milk, cream, cheese, yoghurt, caseinates, proteins, soy milk, etc…);

  • ice cream industry;

  • food industry, including food processing, preservation and beverage (fruit juices, tomato sauce, vegetable oil, ketchup, eggs, vegetable fats, emulsions, concentrates, baby food, etc…);

  • cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries (starch, cellulose, wax, colorants, beauty creams, toothpastes, detergents, emulsifying disinfectants, emulsions, inks, latex, lotions, emulsifiable oils, pigments, proteins, resins, vitamins, etc…).

What is important to say about the homogenizing principle? In order to permanently mix one or more substances in a liquid, a homogenizer must micronize and disperse the suspended particles in a fluid, making them highly stable even after subsequent treatments and storage.

The product reaches the homogenizing valve at low speed and high pressure. As it goes through the valve, it is subject to various forces causing the particles micronization: a violent acceleration followed by an immediate deceleration causes cavitation with explosion of the globules, intense turbulence together with high-frequency vibrations, impact deriving from the laminar passage between the homogenizing valve surfaces and consequent collision with the ring.

Homogenization can occur with the use of a single homogenizing valve (suitable for a dispersion treatment) or a double homogenizing valve (recommended when using emulsions and for viscosity controls when requested).

The range of the machines produced by FBF Italia includes:

High-pressure homogenizers – the homogenizer mixes one or more substances in a liquid. The machine allows the micronization and dispersion of the suspended particles in a liquid so that the product becomes highly stable even after subsequent treatments and storage. The homogenizers of the Buffalo Series are conformed to CE standards and are available with output capacities ranging from 50 to 50,000 liters per hour. Furthermore, the homogenization pressures can go up to 2,000 bar per second.

Volumetric piston pumps – these pumps are used to displace the product from a storage or processing system to another part of the high-pressure plant. These machines are mainly used in spray driers, tomato sauce systems, osmosis systems, etc…

Laboratory homogenizers – they are built to replicate the same homogenization conditions as it can be expected in a real production process. These machines can carry on tests up to a very high pressure (1,500 bar) without extra units to function. They are very easy to use and move, they are extremely safe and represent the best choice in terms of keeping the production controlled.


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