From problem to solution

Solving any problem of bulk product transport within food companies, and developing not just simple machinery but rather high added value engineering and manufacture solutions” has been Cidiesse Engineering’s mission since 1976 to design and manufacture tailored solutions as to safely handle foodstuff such as pasta, snacks, flour, legumes, dried fruit, and cereals.

Cidiesse Engineering designs bucket elevators, conveyor belts, revolving tables, continuous load elevators, and helicoidal descenders, tailor made to consider the type of product to transport and the production process it is applied to.

Each one of these plants is a solution studied down to the finest details as to perform optimal handling operations and meet real production requirements. For instance, the ETC bucket elevators developed by Cidiesse Engineering streamline room in production areas for they convey products vertically, higher than 20 metres, thus reducing their footprint down to the minimum in comparison with common conveyor belts. Hence, they can be perfectly installed in factories with limited space, guaranteeing intact products from load to discharge points: tilting buckets avoid product waste, contamination and breakage along the course.

With capacities ranging up to 36m3/h, depending on the model, ETC elevators bring remarkable versatility to the food process, thus standing out as the optimal solution for every stage, between one plant and the other.

They can be used to convey pasta from the press to the drier, from the drier to the cooler, from the cooler to the storage silos, and from them to the packaging plant: the elevator discharges the pasta on a multi-head doser for the weighing and setting the quantity for each package.

Heat and free moisture are some issues regarding pasta handling that Cidiesse Engineering has solved by developing – solely for its elevators – humidity reduction systems with either electric radiators or water batteries, thanks to which also products with temperatures up to 80-90°C can be easily handled.

In addition to this, Cidiesse Engineering has also approached ordinary maintenance of buckets in a totally innovative way; it has eliminated the need to dismount and hand-wash the buckets thanks to a CIP-Cleaning In Place system.

It is a cutting-edge washing system with air and/or water and/or detergent washing functions to clean, degrease and sanitise the machinery.

In addition to saving labour time, the washing system also guarantees hygiene and absence of deposits among products, thereby preventing any contamination of flavours among the foodstuff being handled.

Cidiesse Engineering’s added value, what distinguished it in the market, lays on its approach: from problem to solution.


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