Albrigi tecnologie, a company where the official sponsor is technology

ALBRIGI TECNOLOGIE is celebrating 35 years in the business, 35 years of reliability and quality that lasts. All ALBRIGI TECNOLOGIE equipment is produced with finest quality AISI 304 L and 316 L stainless steel, with MIRROR-POLISHED, 2R finish.

All our tanks have mirror-polished interiors and all the welding is TIG/ PLASMA carried out in “WORK-FLOW”. The cylinder plates are positioned vertically, so all the flat welding up to 6 metres long is carried out automatically on cooled copper rods. The circular butt welds of the bases and the tops are always carried out with the internal support of circular copper rods, cooled with automatically recirculated water, with double gas protection; the welds will always remain white on both sides and not oxidised, since they are immediately cooled and protected by inert gases. Our equipment is produced in series with circular welds up to 3 metres in diameter ROLLED AND ROLLER PRESSED and with vertical welds up to 6 metres long COLD LAMINATED, flattening them and thereby increasing the mechanical resistance; they are treated in this way to round off or flatten the internal welding edge, obtaining flat, smooth welds, or with few protuberances, that are almost INVISIBLE.

All the accessories are top quality, selected and tested over time, and meet even the most exclusive and special requests. They are applied with shaped and rounded moulds to make the structure stronger, thereby avoiding vibrations and facilitating the subsequent washing stage. Each mechanical part that activates a movement, be it a pump, piston or agitator, is applied in accordance

with the international safety regulations CE – FDA – ATEX, always accompanied with a use and maintenance manual, drawings, static calculations and spare parts manual. Special attention is paid to safety equipment like protective casing, parapets, microns, electric sensors and photocells to ensure the safety of the operator. The electrical panels are manufactured in accordance with CE regulations and comply with strict international standards. The equipment is tested with water for at least 12 hours. Those articles subject to PED testing undergo pressure trials for at least 48 hours and, in process testing, they are subject to thermal and mechanical stress with continuous service cycles of 24 hours. All production is carried out in accordance with the EHEDG guidelines, which protect and guarantee all the user’s expectations. This is the world’s strictest standard of reference and guarantees the absolute quality of equipment used in the food sector. We can provide plant certified in accordance with the directives 97/23/

CE-PED, 94-9-CE-ATEX, ASME and EHEDG. The technical office is staffed by highly experienced personnel who can meet a client’s every need. Employed personnel are in possession of qualifications in accordance with UNI-EN-287-1. The systems used are among the most innovative: TIG, PLASMA, MIG, LASER, ELECTRODE. We are fully equipped to perform nondestructive controls on our manufactured articles (VT – RX – PT) and the respective FERRITE controls – the degree of surface roughness with the appropriate certificates. On request, equipment can be made with special finishes and treatments, such as electropolishing, pickling and passivation, furnished with the respective diagrams and certificates. We have developed a series of finishes and unique solutions for all sectors that deal with liquid foodstuffs that make our products exclusive, complete and modern, often at the cutting edge, to the point that we are considered by all to be “AHEAD OF OUR TIME”


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