Cryogenic freezing: Air Liquide presents CRYO CABINET

Cryogenic refrigeration processes play a fundamental role in food production and preservation, guaranteeing the product’s shelf-life, maintaining the product organoleptic quality as well as its hygienic preservation.

Thanks to a long experience in the field of freezing, Air Liquide – leader in the production and distribution of gas for industrial purposes and related services – developed NEXELIA for freezing and chilling, which combines: gas from the ALIGAL line, complying with food industry processing standards, including HACCP; cryogenic equipment (cryo cabinet, cryo tunnel, cryo immersion unit) and technical and specialistic assistance to companies of freezing processes and food chilling sectors.

During TUTTO FOOD, the international fair of food and beverage which took place in Milan last May, Air Liquide officially presented CRYO CABINET, a cryogenic freezing cabinet made of fully welded stainless steel, designed in conformity with the most recent guidelines published by the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) and by the United Stated Department of Agriculture (USDA).

CRYO CABINET can be used in any discontinuous process that needs flexibility and requires either to crust freeze, freeze or chill any food product (meat, poultry, fish and seafood, ready-to-eat meals, ice-cream, fruits and vegetables, etc…). CRYO CABINET is capable of working using liquid nitrogen or liquid CO2 and can be easily integrated into any production line. It is provided with two stainless steel fans, which guarantee an optimal transfer of the frigories, increasing the efficiency of the cryogenic fluid and a uniform freezing.

The range of cryogenic machines offered by Air Liquide also includes the CRYO TUNNEL ZF3 and the CRYO IMMERSION UNIT ZFV. CRYO TUNNEL ZF3 is a stainless steel cryogenic tunnel which can be readily integrated into any food production line. Its versatility allows crust freezing, freezing and chilling efficiently any type of food, using liquid nitrogen or CO2, improving the quality of the products. ZF3 is available in 4 freezing zone lengths and 2 belt widths in order to meet the specific productivity, space and installation requirements of the food processor.

CRYO IMMERSION UNIT CFV is a patented vibrating cryogenic freezer, used to crust freeze or to freeze quickly single small products by dipping them in a liquid nitrogen bath. CFV is the most compact immersion freezer available on the market, which fits into the smallest areas. Cryogenic freezing processes allow freezing food very quickly, obtaining small ice crystals which prevent cell-walls from breaking, guaranteeing the best preservation of the flavour and final appearance of the product. The advantages of cryogenic freezing also include a wide flexibility since the freezing process occurs quickly (3-4 times quicker than mechanical freezing), and a wide range of temperatures (from -60°C to -110°C), which make the process easily adaptable to different kinds of food products.


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