TIG: your reliable partner for your packaging

TIG is your first choice for Titanium and its alloys for the packaging sector

TIG, Titanium International Group, is proud to take part in the promotion and sale of titanium and its alloys for the packaging sector. Thanks to its professional and technical-commercial skills TIG developed the use of titanium in this sector, indeed titanium satisfies the aseptic feature, lightness and technological properties required by packaging.

TIG stock is strategically located in the centre of the most important Italian and international packaging area.

The technology and the quality of its products combined with experience have allowed TIG to achieve the confidence of the packaging customers. In addition its products have found application in the fields of food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, tea-cigarette machines and packaging machines, machines for ceramics as well as the construction of moulds for plastics.

TIG supplies a wide range of raw materials: plates, bars, forged products, precision cast, extruded. It also provides in-house product services: traditional cutting, water jet cutting and also the possibility to supply specialist machining through our subsidiary workshop.

All of this is supported by a full-integrated and certified quality system; TIG products are always supplied with a traceability number and their own mill certificate.

Knowledge and experience in support of our customers are our strengths.

TIG, Titanium International Group, is a company that makes part of a group with at the head “”. Thanks to this it can guarantee a high and innovative level of services, such as: supply of common, special and tools steels with “S.E.F.A. ACCIAI Srl”, mechanical works executed in the workshop “SEFA MECCANICA SRL”, services of cut both with sawing machines and with the new technology of water jet cut,

and also thermic treatments.

Customer sadisfaction is a primary goal, and it is on the top of the relationship supplier/client, giving in the meantime a qualified service of assistance and technical advise, which have been improved and developed by the construction of a new and up-to-date warehouse located in Sala Bolognese, effecting since April 2007.

What gives TIG strenght and allows to reach important purposes is an agent agreement as distributor and stockist for aerospace market with one of the most important manifacturer in the world, Thyssenkrupp Titanium GmbH and an exclusive sales agreement for Italy with Precision Rolled Products Inc. (U.S.A.).

The commercial fields thay can supply are aerospace/defence, medical, mechanics of precision, racing, food, automatic machines.

Our efforts allow us to enter in this important markets creating commercial relationships more and more solid with very important customers.

For Italy we can mention Agusta Spa, Avio Spa, AERMACCHI Spa, Agusta Westland Spa, Alenia Aeronautica and Alenia Aermacchi which TIG has obtained approvals with, whereas for foreign countries we can mention TAI Tusas Aerospace Ind. Inc., PZL Swidnik s.a.,

Titanium International Group can also offer, always with aerospace quality and technology, extruded products and pieces produced with the technology in vacuum of the investment casting, drowing molding parts.

TIG stock products:

Plates and sheets TI6AL4V from thickness 0,5mm to 100mm

Round bars in TI6AL4V from diam.mm 4mm to 300mm

Titanium sheets CP according to WL 3.7024 LN9297 (Gr.1) and WL 3.7034 LN9297 (Gr.2) from thickness 0,5 mm to 3 mm

Blooms for forging

Barre Nichel Alloy 718 – acc.to AMS5662 e AMS5663

Barre Nichel Alloy 625 – acc.to AMS5666

Fogli Nichel Alloy 625 – acc.to AMS5599

The company can offer material according to the following specifications:



New Products

Aircraft Steels

AISI 17-4 PH acc.to AMS5643

AISI 17-4 PH acc.to AMS5622

AISI 15-5 PH acc.to AMS5659

AISI 13-8 Mo acc.to AMS5629

SS 321 acc.to AMS5645

SAE 4340 acc.to AMS6415 e AMS6359

HAYNES 188 acc.to AMS5608

WASPALLOY acc.to AMS5708

TIG, Titanium International Group is the first and only Italian company specialized in stocking and distribution of Titanium for aerospace and defence. TIG is partner of ThyssenKrupp VDM GmbH since several years, one of the most important titanium producer and steel for Breitenfeld Schmiedetechnik AG

In 2011 TIG achieved the EN 9100:2009 – EN 9120:2009 certification


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