From net weight to log 6 weightpack: 40 years of innovation

In 1979, Carlo Corniani broke into the market with an intuition destined to revolutionise the current filling techniques: the net weight. The idea was as simple as brilliant: the amount of product to be bottled was no longer linearly measured in order to reach a predicted level, but weighed with the elimination of the tare, thus replacing the concept of volume with the one of weight. finally, he provided a way to ensure a constant amount of product, regardless of product density, temperature variations and free from container dimensional tolerances.

Almost forty years after its introduction, the net weight system is considered the state of the art in the filling field as a result of its precision and cleanliness. according to the philosophy of its founder, Weightpack pursues excellence, rotary machines shifting the innovation borders further in order to reach a logarithmic-reduction-level higher than log 6. Within the industrial process, containers and caps may be contaminated by a bacterial load of some thousands of CFU (Colony Forming Units).

With a log 4 reduction, the CFU decrease of four orders of magnitude, getting close to zero. however, according to Weightpack standards, this does not seem to be satisfactory.

Weightpack, in fact, wants the best for its customers, aiming to achieve the absolute safety in the aseptic processing. that’s why we go beyond two orders of magnitude: overcoming the limit is in our DNA.

Furthermore, the “net-weight” is the perfect technology to ensure sterility in the filling process. the absence of contact between valve and container, and the elimination of any internal measuring instrument into the valve, allows Weightpack to optimize hygiene and fluid filling processing, thus making a significant step towards the elimination of bacterial contamination, years before its international competitors. Any technological revolution is effective only when it has a disruptive impact in the modification of the modus operandi.

For this reason, Weightpack has solidly invested in the research and development of a technology too often branded as “elitist”, that is excessively expensive and too complex. the log 6 aseptic filling system will soon become an industrial standard, with Weightpack already having the knowledge to make it usable on a large scale. As henry ford once said: “There’s a real progress only when the benefits of a new technology are for everybody”.


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