PND increases export worldwide.

The well-known Italian manufacturer of industrial machines and plants for the processing of fruit does not stop and with perseverance and determination continues to export abroad for 90% of its turnover. The PND srl manufactures peeling machines for apple, pear, kiwi, citrus, peach, mango, melon, pineapple, strawberry, offering complete automatic lines for canning industries and manual lines for IV range and fresh-cut fruit, for small laboratories and processors who want to start this business in fruit processing. PND takes care of the complete fruit processing from the raw material loading to the treatment that will receive fruits after peeling and cutting.
Among the best seller machines you can find the semiautomatic peeling, coring and cutting machine for apple, pear, kiwi and peach for a production capacity range from 200 kg to 600 kg fruits per hour, according to customer requirements and model chosen. Thanks to an optional system of cutting groups the machine allows cutting in wedges and chunks. This kind of peeler in models PL4/PL6/PL8 can be connected to the automatic feeder and orientator for apples, making the complete automatic line for apples processing. Connecting to the automatic feeder for Williams pears, we will have a complete automatic line for pears processing. The frames of both the automatic feeder for apple and pear are placed on a sliding carriage that draws back making easy regulation and maintenance of peeler. Fully in stainless steel 304, PND machines are famous in fast maintenance and cleaning.
Close interaction with customers and experience sharing have enabled PND to always offer the best technical solution. PND boasts a skillful team who offers his technical support from initial study of the project right to the installation, start-up and personnel training. PND’s flexibility and expertise guarantee solutions tailored upon customer’s requirements.

Thanks to its commercial network with representative offices, PND exports all over the world and follows its customers before and after machine purchase.
From the continue synergy between client and PND was born the new machine for strawberry processing: strawberry de-calyx machine Mod. DF24, upgraded on field during all the 2015 and already a sales success since 2016. Not missing a shot, the de-calyx machine reaches a production of high standard: up to 600 strawberries per minute. According to client’s request, the machine is able to cut in half and in four pieces as well.

Proud of achieving a high performance of this new creation, being under the minimum of waste and giving a quality product with the guarantee of always, with the simplicity that distinguishes them for years. Mrs Virginia Cascella explains “Checked in European walls, much requested in the States and best seller in Mexico, the strawberry machine mod. DF24 will be the most manufactured machine in this next 2017”. Side by side of this jewel, you can find the performing mango line, composed of three machines able to peel, de-stone and cut in wedges and chunks. Also well sold and easy to use, it is already for five years on the market and responds well to customer’s needs, as it is the only machine that allows to fully manage fruit in its different sizes, varieties, and ripeness. These industrial machines, all manufactured in stainless steel and easy for maintenance, strike for its robustness, compactness, reliability, and simplicity in the same time. Designed for prolonged processing, up to 24H no stop, PND machinery like especially to technicians that notice immediately minimum service to do on them.

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