Quality precision efficiency: “endless” values

Mini Motor designs and manufactures all of its products and their components in-house: motor, reduction unit and electronics.

This manufacturing choice is a guarantee of prime build quality, absolute operating precision and superior efficiency with better performance and lower consumption. Mini Motor will continue to build its future and the future of its customers on these values.


Mini Motor not only has an extensive range of standard products, it can also supply bespoke products to meet specific demands in terms of dimensions,challenging applications, extreme temperature conditions, etc. Thanks to its in-house ISO 8 Clean Room, it can also make special production runs in small quantities in decontaminated conditions.


Mini Motor’s ongoing commitment to maintaining the quality parameters of its production system has been confirmed by ISO 9001:2000 certification, which replaces and supplements the former UNI EN ISO 9001 achieved in 1994. All Mini Motor products have been awarded the cCSAus mark (Canadian Standards Association) for both the Canadian and the American markets, and IP65 and IP67 degree of protection according to CEI EN 60529, thanks to the build solutions

employed and the high quality of the components used.


Mini Motor has its own branches in Italy, United States, Benelux and Germany. Its constantly expanding network of authorised dealers currently handles distribution in over 40 countries around the world.



Motors and Coaxial Gear Motors.

Asynchronous three-phase and single phase motors with 2 or 4 poles from 9 to 740 W.

Coaxial gear motors, available in two sizes: 55 mm and 80 mm.

Worm screw gear motors.

Worm screw gear motors, available in four sizes: with c/c distance 20, 26, 32, 38.

Reduction ratios up to 475, torque up to 90 Nm (XCE 150 Nm).

Brushless gear motors and motors.

Brushless 4-pole sinusoidal motors from 32 to 880 W, with torque from 0.085 to 2.4 Nm.

Planetary reduction units with reduction ratios up to 49 and torque up to 95 Nm. Worm screw reduction units with reduction ratios up to 80 and torque up to 9 Nm.

BLDC and Drivers 230 Vac drives for brushless and asynchronous motors, with and without feedback for power ratings up to 750 W.

24/48 Vdc brushless motors and gear motors with integrated drive with absolute, multiturn encoder and range bus; power ratings up to 500 W.


Following the decade long success of IP67 aluminium motors, thanks its R&D team, Mini Motor has produced the first brushless worm servo geared motors series SS, fully in stainless steel. This decision is due to the requirements of sensible areas of: resistance, reliability, perfect cleanability for total bacteriological hygiene, small size with diversified powers.

Brushless worm servo geared motors with power from 90 to 750 W, tagged as PCFSS – XCFSS – SXCFSS in 230 Vac and BLDC 24/48 Vdc versions, are smaller and lighter, and grant higher performance than steel asynchronous motors of same power, which are heavy, burdensome and offer less performance.

The geared motors “SS” are built in stainless steel Aisi especially for the food & beverage industry, and they are absolutely resistant to acid substances and alkaline solutions, and can undergo the most intensive and frequent washing at high pressure.

All that is possible thanks to IP69k, absence of fans and their special shape with entirely polished surfaces, with neither edges nor channelling.


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