Milkylab: innovation in mozzarella production

To avoid the increasingly more complex importing of mozzarella cheese, you can decide to produce pizza cheese and processed cheeses directly in your own country. Just purchase a machine from the vast MilkyLAB range.

MilkyLAB technology will enable you to produce:

  • Fresh mozzarella and pizza cheese

  • Analogue mozzarella for pizza topping

  • Processed cheeses and spreadable cream

  • Ricotta

Thanks to the innovative new MilkyLAB steam stretching system, you can produce different products using different raw materials like milk, curd, powder, spices and aromas.

The innovative steam stretching system guarantees a better yield and reduced heating times; all thanks to steam.  You can select the different recipes desired with a simple PLC panel.

To produce in your own country directly, you need a small investment and a single building and following the recipes and know how from MilkyLAB you will produce all these cheeses with ease.

They are all strong growth products, linked to pizza consumption.

The production of analogue mozzarella used for pizza topping just requires mixing water with powdered ingredients and fats (vegetable or animal).

MilkyLAB has been a leader in designing and producing machines and automatic systems to produce mozzarella, pizza cheese and cheeses since 1980. 

Thanks to the experience and know-how acquired over the years in the Italian and international milk and cheese industry, MilkyLAB guarantees clients the best assistance and maximum professionalism in the choice of the right technologies for the different manufacturing structures.

Contact MilkyLAB straight away and choose the best machine for your needs.


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