Focus on customers’ technical needs

Serving the market with high flexibility, competence and forefront technological solutions. This is, in short, the mission of Pantecnica, an Italian Company that intends to be a reference technical partner able to supply product and service quality in several operational segments: from mechanics and industry in general, to tramway, metro and railway, from shipyards to military vehicles, from aeronautics to aerospace, finally to medical plants and devices.

Since it was founded by Croce Fatigati, 49 years ago, Pantecnica has always guaranteed its clients impeccable applied technical support, with a large range of both standard and customized parts stored in our warehouse. For us, service is just as important as the product”. This is how Davide Fatigati, who manages Pantecnica with his sister Flavia and his father Croce, describes the Company: specialized in systems for the isolation and damping of vibrations and in solutions for sealing fluids, commonly known as gaskets. Pantecnica’s objective is to focus its activities of research and development, technical promotion and sales in order to satisfy any Customer’s need, both by expanding the range of technical products and developing ad hoc solutions in co-design. Today Pantecnica has a strategic position which, as Mr. Fatigati explains, “enables us to offer ourselves as a technical partner for designers, industrial users and resellers working in construction, fitting and maintenance of machines, systems and vehicles; in conclusion, wherever there are mechanical structures and bodies in movement”. Thanks to this specialization, Pantecnica is present in rail transport (tram, metro and trains, even the high-speeds like the ETR 1000 Zefiro), in the military (e.g. for Lince vehicle), in naval (e.g. for FREMM frigates), in the aerospace industries (with the supply of tie-rods, critical systems for the structure of aircrafts like the A380). The Company’s QMS is EN 9120:2010 certified, too.

Aware of our strong points – underlines Mr. Fatigati himself – and of the competences and potentialities offered in synergy with our partners, we have further consolidated our presence in some business areas deemed strategic. We are proud to be member of the Lombardy Aerospace Cluster and of the Lombardy Shipyards Production Chain; recently of the Lombardy Life Sciences Cluster, too!”

Research is a strategic sector for the Company, which allocates it an average of 5% of its turnover. “Even in times of crisis – says Mr. Fatigati – we consolidated an average turnover of € 7-8 Mio. We never stopped investing in technology and we hired new human resources”. Pantecnica, with its subsidiary Pantecnica Service, will continue to follow the path of innovation and flexibility. “Thanks to our strategic position – declares Mr. Fatigati – we are competing with internationally famous companies: our structure enables us to be more flexible, to offer excellent technical ability, following our motto ‘on-time, on-quality’”.


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