High pressure pumps and components for professional cleaning

Mazzoni srl it is a leader in the production of machines for professional cleaning. It produces a wide range of pressure washers and sweepers completely built within the company, with components also done internally and guaranteed 24 months.

In fact, even the electric motors, boilers diesel and gas, high pressure valves and pumps are produced directly within Mazzoni, in Reggio Emilia in Italy where there are the most important companies in the sector.

Mazzoni produces High pressure pumps till 500 bar and 54 l/m with a wide and complete range, serving many OEM in different sectors. Pistons are made in ceramics and head are made of brass or nichel-chrome, with special seals for high temperatures up to 85 degrees. Mazzoni sells for 20 years cleaning machines and today, thanks to its experience, has a presence through its distributors in all continents. Mazzoni in particular produce industrial pressure washers, both electric and diesel or gasoline engine and providing direct and quick assistance, considering the production of all internal parts and in particular the pump, the heart of the product.

Production of all components inside our factory allows us to have 100% control on quality but also to be on the market as a flexible and dynamic company, very attentive to the product and innovative.

From this point of view here is the latest: Steam machine ST4000.

There are many applications for this machine, It can be used for sterilization ,dry steam; or wet steam to clean different types of flooring and materials.

It’s used to remove dirt using less water, for example in processing precious metals, in the food industry, car wash. In the public areas can be used for monuments cleaning or to remove chewing gum, graffiti and plastic / adhesive stickers.

Machine has the possibility to be used by two operators simultaneously with two different lances: spear mechanics are smaller and easy to handle and the larger with interchangeable brush and prepared for the pre-treatment with detergents for cleaning large spaces with steam and detergent.


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