Debem, industrial pumps

Debem has been operating in the field of transfer and fluid handling for more than 30 years. It is a cutting-edge company, specialized in pumps for the industry and for other complicated environments. The company, which has found its place in a highly competitive market, was founded thanks to the brilliant intuition and will to grow of its founder: Marco De Bernardi.

Debem’s growth has been significant: from a small, almost artisanal, reality the company has become one of the world’s leaders in the manufacturing of industrial pumps.

The whole range of Debem’s pumps is entirely designed, developed and produced by the company’s technical staff which holds all the relevant patents. The company’s flagship is a modular system of pumps that allows a tailor-made assemblage using components and materials suitable for the client’s needs. Debem guarantees a real-time assistance service based on an inventory control of every component and preassembled parts in our catalogue. All the diaphragm pumps are delivered already assembled – they take only a few minutes to configure according to the client’s needs. Similarly, we keep a full stock of spare parts, ready for the client to be purchased singularly or as part of a kit.

Quality certification procedures are carried out on each pump, both during the dry assembling phase and while the machine is functioning. The resulting data are used to verify that all the required parameters are observed.

One of the company’s strengths is the R&D department, constantly working to enhance the existing products (research of new materials, rationalization of space, optimization of existing technology) and controlling the price while keeping stable its already high standards. The company’s research developed unique and highly innovative products, such as the FULLFLOW pump. This pump has been specifically thought and designed for the food industry and it differs from classic diaphragm pumps since it disposes of check valves rather than usual ball valves. Check valves allow the flow of fluids containing solid bits up to a 4 cm diameter, making it the ideal system for diced tomato sauce, fruit juice with bits, pickled vegetables, boiled eggs, etc… This procedure will not spoil the solid bits contained in the fluids, guaranteeing an appropriate preservation of the product characteristics. The FULLFLOW pump is made of electro-polished AISI 316 stainless steel with PTFE diaphragm and gaskets.

FOODBOXER diaphragm pumps are the special product for the food-processing industry. Electro-polished stainless steel pumps are designed to be applied in food, brewing and cosmetic industry, in accordance with the FDA requirements.

Close collaboration and continuous feedback with our clients has characterized the company’s approach which has generated a successful system of research and the technological development of our products and services, recognised by leading companies in a variety of sectors. Debem offers innovative and efficient solutions providing the client with commercial and technological information in order to ease the choice of the best product able to satisfy any specific need. Our clients can contact our call-centre for any questions concerning the product and its chemical compatibility. We also offer a customer care service that provides assistance for enquiries regarding technical requests, installation, pumps’ optimization or problems connected to the fluid pumping.

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