VLS Technologies

VLS Technologies is the new technologic partner for the liquid processing with over 30 years of experience!

The Company was born in 1985, founded by Mr Giovanni Velo who set the basis for a solid development process thanks to his expertise and creativity. He started the production of housings and microfiltration plants already in 1987. The 90’s were synonymous with strong worldwide commercial expansion both in EU and in extra-European countries for VLS and in 2002 the “second generation”, represented by Tommaso and Jacopo Velo, entered the Company.

Today VLS represents the constant innovation in the sector; in 2013 the Company made strong investments, doubling up the employers and acquiring solid competence in the field of liquid processing.

Important investments have been constantly done in researching: the solutions developed in the last two years and successfully introduced at recent international exhibitions prove it. Among these, The Lees Stop Filter (a technology that won the award “New technology SIMEI 2015”), the PLUMA and the UNICO filters got particular feedback.

Starting from the multi-disciplinary consolidated competence in the production site of San Zenone degli Ezzelini (TV) and leaning on an international network of agents, authorized distributors and assistance, VLS Technologies offers a 360 degrees service, proposing itself as the sole referent for the process handling, through:

Process advising: advising starts from customer’s support to understand what is the best process for their specific needs;

Design and development: design is a “tailor made” activity done by VLS Technologies according to customer’s needs, with customized solutions that originate from hearing their specific needs:

After Sale assistance: VLS Technolgies guarantees quick and on time after sale assistance because tecnologies are designed and developed inside the Company

Spare Parts Management: spare parts management is paid attention to not only for off-the-shelf products but also for more than twenty years old technologies.

A technological partner that is expert, reliable and complete, able to guarantee the maximum flexibility over different fields of application.


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