Newtec Labelling: linear and rotary labeling

Newtec Labelling designs and produces linear and rotary labeling machines available in a wide range of models.
There are different applications that can be developed by wet glue, self adhesive and hot glue (Hot melt) application systems or with combined applications.
The machines, that are fully produced by the company, are characterized by a multipurpose versatility, reliability, flexibility and they are user-friendly.
Designed to meet tough work loads at high speed productions, they satisfy all different variety of user requests.

The labelers can apply partial or wraparound labels on containers for:
– wines,
– vegetable oils,
– soft drinks,
– liqueurs,
– mineral water,
– beer, dairy products,
– preserves,
– cosmetics,
– chemicals etc.

Panther new line: modular rotary machines, the most flexible line, it can receive all the different application technologies.
Each module is composed of one labelling station fixed onto a removable cart easy to be changed with another one with different application technology.

Panther can combine different stations as:
– Cold wet glue.
– Hot melt glue.
– Roll feed.
– Self adhesive.

Many possible options like:
– Supporting plates moved by brush-less motors.
– Stationary video camera to center postion of logos, capsules, images, welds …
– Stationary video camera for quality control.
– Wrong products reject systems
– Printing systems for fixed or variable data.
– No stop application system.

No stop application system
It consists of the installation of 2 parallel labelling stations with applying the same label.
The No-Stop system ensures remarkable time saving because it avoids machine stops for the labels reels changes


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