The latest news of Marking Products Srl regarding industrial marking systems exclusively distributed

Marking Products Srl, by more than 20 years, operates in the sale and assistance of industrial marking systems for every applications and with different technologies.

It proposes a new continuous ink-jet marking systems and new laser marker from Hitachi

Hitachi, the world leader in continuous inkjet printing, offers the new UX Series definitely innovative than the previous and the new laser marker LM Series vectorial CO2.

The new laser marker ML Series is a concentrate of technology. It is reliable with its double protection structure and the particular distribution of the cooling airflow. The LM Series is available in two output powers of 10W and 30W, and in three different wavelengths of 9.3μ 10.2μ and 10.6μ.

The optical unit is lightened to achieve greater speed and accuracy with a reduction in consumption. The entire project aims to reduce consumption without reducing the quality and speed of marking: You can make up to 600 cycles per second with a consumption of less than 300VA.

With the UX Series, Hitachi proposes a high-performance machine, which prints up to 6 lines with text from 2 to 10 mm. height, barcodes and 2D codes and graphics. The inking system, based on cartridges, and the arrangement of the components are designed to make maintenance easy and quick. To start the UX ink-jet system, is only necessary press a button, as to stop it without necessity of cleaning, purging or other. Another important aspect is the user interface completely based on graphic icons with touch-screen 10.4″ color display and WYSIWYG functionality.

The RX2 Series retains the classic layout with separate tanks for ink and solvent, but their disposal and the main components for routine maintenance are all close at hand and easily accessible.

The RX2 Series can print up to 5 lines with text from 2 to 10 mm in height, barcodes, 2D codes and graphics and maintains the prerogative to have a button to start and a button to stop the machine without other operations to do.

In terms of performance we are at the highest level and both UX and RX2 series can be integrated in any type of installation and application.

They are available specific options for automated functions such as message selection, setting of counters and other operations, to achieve seamless integration with the production line.

The range of continuous ink-jet of Hitachi, includes the specific model for the pigmented ink to be used on dark surfaces.

Marking Products Srl distributes the new units for MPERIATM platform, by Matthews-Marking System. MPERIATM represents a new approach for the ink-jet marking systems. It is based on a MPERIATM controller which is connected to independent VIAjetTM printing units. The MPERIATM controller is an industrial PC with a touch screen of 7″, 12″ or 15″ and a graphical user interface, which operates as control center for the entire printing system.

The MPERIATM controller allows access to all system configuration parameters. We have available a sophisticated graphical editor to compose and modify of messages with WYSIWYG function. The controller MPERIATM are connected through the network, with the VIAjetTM printing units available in 3 different printing technologies: L series, T series and V series

The L series is specific for printing in high resolution. It is available in 3 heights: 25, 12.5 and 50 mm. The quality and the print definition allow the marking of every thing as text, barcode or graphics on cardboard, paperboard, and other types of packaging always with exemplary quality.

For the L series is available the entry-level version VIApack designed for simple applications, but always with absolute print quality. In a single package we find all elements of the system that can be used immediately.

The T Series allows high resolution ink-jet printing and is the best solution for cardboard. Available in two print heights of 50 and 100 mm it is really an alternative to thermal transfer label printing and allows to customize in real-time the neutral cartons.

The V-series expands marking technologies used on MPERIATM platform introducing the DOD (drop on demand) ink-jet. It is able to print up to 128 mm in height, using the printhead with 32 nozzles. The DOD has developed around micro-valves that are accredited for more than 6 billion activations, far beyond market standards. The wide choice of inks enables printing of each type of surface for each type of application


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