Makro Labelling: evolving technology for small and large companies

Modularity, versatility and practicality are the three key concepts that express Makro Labelling vision. The company, based in Italy, is today’s world leader in the production of industrial labelers for the sectors of beverage, food, home and personal care as well as for the pharmaceutical industry. Over thirty years of experience, a close international sales network (which includes Makro UK, the distributor for the UK and several sales agents), a punctual pre and post-sale customer service, a strong sense of entrepreneurship and the capacity to foresee future market trends – all this guarantees the best response to any labelling request across many markets, from Europe to America, Russia and the Middle-East.

An array of labelers for productions from 1500 to 50000 b/h

Makro Labelling produce labelling machines capable of processing from 1500 to 50000 bottles per hour, applying up to five labels per bottle, using wet and hot glue, self-adhesive or a combination of these. For companies that do not need high production rates, MAK 01, MAK 02 and MAK 1 guarantee up to 12000 b/h, using mechanical or electronic plates rotation.MAK 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 respond to the needs of medium and large companies: thanks to their special features they guarantee productions up to 50000 b/h. The range of models includes the high speed self-adhesive labeler, with predecoiler units and the non-stop application system, which allows maintaining a high and constant production rate, even while changing the label reels. Among the various labelers, there is also the combined labeler for the application of the warranty seal.

For the high-volume PET labelling market, Makro Labelling has developed MAK Roll Feed, a new line of rotary machines which offers a production speed of 6000 to 40000 b/h. The use of wrap-round plastic labels on reels with hot melt application guarantees higher economic returns with respect to traditional OPP or pre-cut paper labels. Thanks to the modularity of the MAK Roll Feed it is possible to replace the roll feed unit with a hot melt unit for pre-cut, wet glue or self-adhesive labels, satisfying the need for maximum production and configuration flexibility. MAKLINE is the self-adhesive linear labeler suited for blocks of flasks and ampules (5 to 25 ml), offering the possibility to print technical information on the labels and adapting to the format of the ampule on which they are applied. This labeler is designed for the pharmaceutical and home and personal care market.

Like the rest of Makro’s machines, MAKLINE features the Vision Control system, which enables the precision of the pack to be verified and faulty containers to be rejected.

Patented optical Follower centring device, introduced in the market in 2014, allows the machine to align the bottles in order to label them in specific positions with respect to a reference point on the bottle, reducing the format change time. It is available in carbon-fibre and with line-scan cameras.


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