Fiorini International and the excellence in flexible packaging: characteristics, benefits and quality

Fiorini International produce a wide range of paper bags and printed paper rolls for packaging a big variety of products such as flour, sugar, salt, pasta, cakes, chocolates, sweets, vegetables, pet-food, coal, litters, glue, soap, plaster, cigarettes and reams.

A quality packaging guarantees a good food preservation and hygiene. Fiorini International provide a reliable and practical product as well as attractive and eco-friendly.

It is very important to choose the packaging that best suits each client considering the selection of the materials, the shape and garnish. One of the company’s main assets is to be flexible and thus able to satisfy a vast array of requests.

Fiorini International’s products are best suited for the food sector: they only use high-quality raw materials, coming from certified forests, which are then accurately selected for food packaging. The BRC certification guarantees high hygiene standards of both the package and the manufacturing department.

The integrity of the seal is always guaranteed as well as the possibility to process the product with filling machines without further customisation. Fiorini International distribute worldwide and on-time. For the food sector the company provides bags with transparent or net windows, using water-based ink which does not transfer to the product, and only natural adhesive – all this at a very convenient price.

Our customers find plenty of advantages using our products”, explained a Production Manager. “Thanks to us, our customers are now able to use a product which allows them to operate their filling machines at high-level performances. The bag does not bend, the notches are well-placed, the filling process runs smoothly. This is essential from a manufacturing point of view. Also, our bags are stylish and this alone contributes to promote the product. This is crucial for marketing.”

Fiorini International is based in Central Italy, in the Marche region, and from 2001 a new manufacturing plant has opened in Prague, Czech Republic, in order to better reach the European markets.

The company says: “Having said all this, being a guarantee for our clients, we can confidently consider ourselves as a leader company in the flexible packaging sector. We export all over the world and we intend to keep improving our work”.


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