Eurosicma: 50 years of packaging and constant innovation

Founded in 1965, Eurosicma’s is an Italian Company specialised in designing and manufacturing moving, feeding and horizontal packaging machines and turn-key solutions for the confectionery, bakery, cosmetic and pharma industries.

Eurosicma is present in over than 85 countries worldwide with more than 4000 machines installed. To be as closest as possible to the customers, Eurosicma invests a lot in the after sales service, creating dedicated Local Technical Centres in Italy, Turkey, North and South America, India, Philippines and Indonesia.

The Candy Division is dedicated to the flow wrapper solutions for small confectionery items such as candies, jellies, lollipops, chewing gums, bubble gums, chewy-candies, toffees and many other more.

The flow wrapper EURO 77 is available in a wide range of configurations and able to handle and pack all kinds of candies, pectin and gelatin jellies, laminated and coated gums, extruded products.

The Lines Division is entirely dedicated to the wrapping solutions and integrated packaging lines for bakery and chocolate products, such as any kinds of biscuits, wafers, cakes, rusks and rice cakes, bars, moulded chocolate, enrobed bars and many more.

flow wrapper EURO 88 is Eurosicma’s proposal for wrapping a wide range of confectionery and bakery products in a variety of configurations.
Flow pack solutions are available for any kind of biscuits –dry, enrobed, sandwich- in stacks, on edge or single piece. Specifically for sandwich biscuits Eurosicma can supply also the Sandwiching machine that can be directly connected to the flow wrapper. According to the production needs, the sandwiching machine is available with two lanes to produce 1200/1500 sandwich biscuits/min and with four lanes to produce 2600/2800 biscuits/min. For biscuits on edge a fully electronic fold wrapper is available in the portfolio, able to reach a mechanical speed up to 100 packs/min.
For biscuits, small cakes, irregular and sticky products, enrobed, cereal and thin bars a patented high-performance and pressure-less Feeding and Timing System composed of 8 belts independently servo driven. This application is able to grant a gentle handling of products at an extremely low and monitored pressure. If required or needed, it can also avoid any contact between the products.


Special feeding system for wafers have been specifically designed to reach high-speed requirements and satisfy different pack sizes.
Noodle cakes flow wrapping systems equipped with Sachets Feeding and Cutting Units are included in the portfolio and widely developed and supplied in the last 10 years. Extreme flexibility in pack configurations allows to have single cake pack, 1 pile of 2 cakes, 2 piles of 2 cakes, family pack composed of 3 piles of 2 cakes.
Customized rows distribution and aligning systems for products coming in flat position on belts can be supplied. Buffering systems, stacking systems and automatic portion feeders complete the offer for the handling and feeding systems.

Latest developments for a fully automated multipack wrapping system include the feeding system MPF (MultiPack Feeder). It is a fully automated feeding system that can be combined with the flow wrapper EURO 88 for primary wrapping. Such system is able to orientate the flow packs, grouping them in the desired quantity and finally, by means of a 2 axis driven Pick & Place system, transfer the created portions directly on the secondary flow wrapper’s feeding chain.


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