Elba Spa , pouch making machines

Elba (Elettromeccanica Luoni Busto Arsizio) was founded in 1956 by the Luoni brothers. The company’s core business was originally concentrated on the production of electrical equipment, until in 1964 when its management added a dedicated mechanical department, focused on the production of high-speed sealing machines for thermoplastic materials. Since then, Elba has concentrated on the production of bag making machines.

Since 1998, Elba has increased its presence in the food, pet food, and vacuum market by developing new solutions for 3-sided seal pouches, stand-up pouches, side gusset bags, zippered pouches and breathable bags, becoming a market leader worldwide.

Another important milestone occurred for Elba in 2010 with the addition of the new SA-M family, dedicated to the production of a wide range of medical pouches.

Elba Group employs more than 115 people in its three locations, covering a total of 15.000 square mt. Elba SpA is dedicated to the design and engineering of a wide range of automatic high-speed pouch and bag-making machines. Fiborsin Srl is dedicated to the design and manufacturing of netting plants, frames and mechanical components for Elba. Finally, FAE Srl, a Siemens Solution Partner, focuses on hardware and software engineering; machine control and supervision systems. All the companies continuously work together to create a winning synergy to face the new and unpredictable market demands.

A large machinery range

With 60 years of experience worldwide, Elba is proud to offer a wide machinery range. The SA-V pouch making machine has been designed and engineered to support pre-made pouch makers providing them more flexible, advanced technology combined with ease-of-use. It is available in four different sealing widths: 650 mm (25.6”), 950 mm (37.4”), 1250 mm (49.2”) and 1550 mm (61”) allowing production (according to the chosen configuration) of the two-and three-sided seal pouches, Stand-up/Doypack® with folded bottoms, Doypack® with inserted bottom, side gusset bags with folded or inserted gussets and center seal bags. The SA-V model has been equipped with a new system to recover the kinetic energy of the motors, allowing to recover up 30% of the motor energy and up to 5% of the total machine energy and store it in a reservoir for later use.

The SA-V/TVB, high barrier shrink bag-making machine, has been designed and engineered with an ease-of-use concept for a wide range of high quality products. It can produce straight bottom sealed bags, curved bottom sealed bags, side sealed bags and bullet shaped sealed bags with an easy and fast changeover system. Bags can be collected both stacked or taped to increase machine flexibility.

The SA-M machines are designed and engineered to make high tech pre-made pouches, bags and flat rolls, for the medical and pharmaceutical market. SA-M machine is flexible, technologically advanced with an ease of use concept, capable to produce a wide range of high quality pouches.

The SA-U machine is an universal machine traditionally used to produce different types of bags and has the capability to make many different types of sacks for the industrial sector. It can be equipped with different accessories to obtain soft handle bags and patch handle bags, both positioned on the same machine to work alternatively. Zippered bags, courier bags, heavy-duty bags, security bags, rigid handle bags and any side seal bag can be produced with this machine.

In addition, Elba’s portfolio includes the BM11GS and BM11BW machines (t-shirt and bottom sealed bag machines), and the SW97HP, a wicket machine.

Customer orientation

Elba’s customer-oriented approach allows to offer a wide range of solutions to tackle unpredictable and ever-changing market demands. Thanks to the modularity of its machines, Elba can offer customers tailor-made solutions for their needs. Furthermore, as all modules are ‘plug and play’, they can be added onto existing machines to update and upgrade production lines. Last but not least, the easy-of-use, low maintenance, 24/7 service support and fast payback make any Elba machines a reliable and profitable investment.

International focus

From the very beginning Elba is selling machines worldwide and among those countries where we sold last year we can include Iran with 5 new installations. With about more than 2.000 installations worldwide, Elba would like to continue expanding in the Middle and Far East market, where the growth in flexible packaging has reached double digits.


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